Friday, February 20, 2015

the one about SNL40

+one: I almost died this morning on the way to work, thanks to black ice. I was driving along eating my Friday treat--a chicken biscuit from the gas station and coffee with half and half--and I fish tailed and basically died and came back to life. I got that feeling in my face that feels like bee stings.. But I am alive and well, and made it to work in 35 minutes and it usually take about 16 minutes. But we are here now, and better not leave because if we do, I will become a squatter until 1:00 to count as a full day. 

+two: So now I will have to make up snow days in June since we missed on Tuesday. Fantastic. Said NO ONE EVER. While I did love a four day weekend, I did not like how cold it was/is. I have decided (as much as I despise being hot--in terms of the temperature) I like Summer better. I used to really enjoy the winter months, but as I advance in years, I loathe January and February. Yesterday morning, when I had bus duty, the windchill was MINUS TWO, so that's real neat.

+three: Over the mini vacation, I got caught up at my other job--printing shirts. It's nice to have nothing else on the books all week. I organized my house a bit--changed blown light bulbs--my least favorite game ever. I ate like it was the only way in to Heaven. And I slept--way more than usual.  And watched more TV than I care to admit. The CLEAR ratings winner in my book (and the everyone elses) was the SNL 40 special.

I don't understand those give it bad reviews. That's stupid to me. The only thing bad was Eddie Murphy--and he was more a letdown than bad. I don't understand why he got to be the "king" of SNL. I think there are way more, far more entertaining past cast members--Martin Short is freaking hilarious,Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, FALLON, Bill Hader, FALLON, and Jimmy Fallon.

Anyhow...I liked it, and Fallon (I promise I am not stalking him illegally) talked about the after party at the Plaza and it really made me change my dream job. I would want to be on SNL. More specifically from about 1998-2006.  And if that doesn't work out, I want to be Jimmy and Justin's third best friend.

+four: Have I mentioned how much I love screen shots of the weather forecast that people post on facebook like I have no idea it's going to be cold for a while and might sleet?? Well, I do--about as much as I like pics of thermometers in the summer and statuses proclaiming "It's SNOWING!!" Duh. Stop.

Y'all have a good weekend, and be safe!

Friday, February 13, 2015

the one with a valentine's ode

If a day could be deleted, I think most adults would agree
The Valentine's holiday is for sure the one it would be.

The boy feels like he has to prove he loves his girl,
the girl lets us all know on FB and it makes us want to hurl.

To all of you readers, put your stress about the perfect gift aside,
But if you feel so inclined, I've of course done a gift guide.

Now--here's my ode to that gal we ALL know to well,
the one who bugs so badly, but gives me great stories to tell.

Twas the day before Valentines and she got awkward and nervous,
To get attention from him makes her feel like she has a purpose.

She longs for her status to finally declare she is taken,
but we know if he agrees, he is so badly mistaken.

I don't really get it, I think it's just a stupid hallmark holiday,
I'll take toddies with my crew over chocolates any day.

Then ole boy comes around and decides an effort should be arranged,
And we secretly know it's because he has run out of strange

In addition to her boo paying triple for cheesy roses,
We'll also be privileged enough to see her annoying insta poses.

Today, those girls seek "likes" for being loved and of course #blessed,
but give it a week and the cryptic #pissed status will certainly be addressed.

He got caught with the strange and she posted every detail, 
Time for "GNO" because she swearing of males.

The crazy cycle continues and eventually we un-friend,
Something we all should have done on the front end..

But just like this poor girl, I just can't ever say no
Because of the comic relief, I just can't let go..

Sidenote: this is not about any one particular female,
so don't get paranoid and flood my inbox with hate e-mail.

I hope y'all's Valentines Day is filled with lots of love,
and it's everything Anna and Mr. Grey made you secretly dream of.

Happy Valentine's, y'all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the one with so what wednesday {11FEB15}

I was so pumped about leading a workout yesterday and only SIX kids showed up. Boo. But, it was the first day and a few told me they forgot to pack clothes. That didn't stop one kid--she did the workout in (TH)UGGS. And a lot of my seniors started baseball practice and/or had a million excuses for their absence..I think I will have quite a bit more next Tuesday because the six who were there realized it was kind of fun and not too terribly hard.. I tied to make them realize just by moving they are doing something, so they don't have to try to be Usain Bolt when we jog around the football field to warm up..

I have early moning duty every Thurday and I hate it--even worse, tomorrow the high is 38. That's all. It has been so nice all week, but they day I have duty I have to wear my ski bibs. This weather is so crazy. I guess I could wear my tights tomorrow..

I am kind of pumped about 50 Shades. I don't know if I will go see it on Friday or Saturday, but I feel like I would have a guilty consience if I went on Sunday--The Lord's day. That seems kind of backwards and filthy. I did read one theater prepared their seats with plastic coverings...I'm sorry--if you can't wait to get home to turn into "freak in the bed" mode, you need to rent out a theater--don't nobody wanna watch that...I guess, unless Hannah Davis just so happens to be in the seat in front of me...You know--SI cover girl...dayumm... that's hot stuff. Derek Jeter is a lucky, lucky man.

She was on Fallon Monday night and he was kind of awkward with her..I guess I would be too--I would have to stay seated behind my desk.

my mom got a new set of wheels and it makes me have new car fever so damn bad. But, my cookie jar still just has $20 and that's a far cry from a new ride..She debated (and almost didn't get this car she had the dealership fetch from hours away) the rims.. She thought they seemed a touch ghetto. BTW, hearing my Mom say "ghetto" is pretty comical.. But Matthew and I told her if she got smaller, less ghetto rims it would look like a carpool Mom--so she got it, ghetto rims and all--and I would sleep in it it's so tight.. But instead, I sleep in my house with no sofa...

speaking of, these are the two in which I am trying to decide..I like the nail heads on the bottom sofa, but I like the leather on the top sofa....

hope you all have a good hump DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the one about losing big

Today you can call me Bob Harper. That's at school we are hosting a Biggest Loser competition to for students and teachers to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. It starts today, on the football field with yours truly as the facilitator. I have a pretty good workout plan ready and we are going to burn some calories today! 

I am excited for the kiddos because so many of them want to be healthy and want to understand that nothing tastes as good a skinny feels. They just don't know how to achieve this..They think if they eat just one honeybun and drink water instead of Jungle Juice for breakfast, that's healthy. My plan is to kind of educate them and let them know to "eat this, not that.."

The winner (a boy AND a girl) who loses the most, wins 100 bucks and a subway gift card.

It's a bit tough for me to tell them what they should and shouldn't eat because I remember when I was in high school, I had a foot long cheese coney and a large Dr. Pepper most days as an AFTER SCHOOL SNACK. I know, right...the days. But I also ran track and was super active.

I think part of my counseling will also be to give constructive criticism to the girls who haven't made the best choices for prom dresses. I certainly don't want them to look like I did when I wore the tights and resembled the busted can of biscuits.

Speaking of bad prom dresses, there was no shortage of them at the Grammy's on Sunday night.

Rihanna looked like she got tapped in a cotton candy machine.
Taylor Swift looked stupid. Here and when she tried to dance.
Kim K looked like she wore her bath robe. You know her bath robe has sequins. 

Standout for the night included:

+Annie Lennox with Hozier (my favorite performance)  She is a BAD ASS.

+Pharrell--even though the song is tired and middle-aged women let us know they "love this song" when it's on, the performance was just that-a good performance. However, I don't think his wardrobe was even worth mentioning. And his wife wore her gym clothes...

+Rhianna and Paul McCartney (and he who I refuse to mention because his is such a cocky prick that thinks his presence should be worshiped) doing Four Five Seconds..

+Ed Sheeran and John Mayer--those two are musical geniuses to me--I wish Katy and John would have sat together. And John was the best dressed dude, for sure.

They need a new Host. LL Cool J has been there, done that. My suggestion--of course is Jimmy Fallon. He is really into the tunes and would no doubt be awesome!  

Monday, February 9, 2015

the one with a valentine's gift guide

Here are some gift ideas for your Boo for Valemtimes in the event you don't make him something homemade, like a sock bunny.

||s'well|| I can't remember if I suggested this on my Christmas Gift Guide or not, but it's totally worth the money..sound's crazy to pay $45 for a water bottle, but a bonus for you ladies--it will hold an entire bottle of chardonnay AND keep it cold for HOURS! I can put water with ice in this at 7 am and the ice is still there when I leave school at 3:30..

||socks|| I am not trying to toot my own horn, but.... really, I always get compliments on my socks. I never wear plain socks..especially NEVER white socks. Even if there is no chance they will be seen. I always wear cool socks. Most of mine come from J.Crew or J.Crew Factory or Banana Republic. I don't like GAP socks.

||board shorts|| by vineyard vines--these are good. I would buy these for me if I were my Valentine.. so, Mom... and also, for you mothers out there, these are also available in kid sizes so your son can match his Pops if you don't think that is cheesy like I do.

||apple tv|| I know I recommend a lot of things, but I would say this is probably one of my top three favorite items I own. I use it all the time with my Netflix account to watch so many is also good for watching shows on Showtime, HBO, etc...super simple to use and well worth $99.

||rainbow flips|| I have worn these for as long as I can remember..They are classic and cool. I like dark brown..

||robe|| call me Papaw, but I love my robe. I wear it every Saturday morning as I watch my DVR smut and drink coffee. It's good stuff... They are everywhere, but I got mine at Target for about $20..This one is from Amazon.

Friday, February 6, 2015

the one with friday's four (06FEB15)

+one. Since I am not busy enough clearing my DVR so I have the space to record ALL the smut that I watch, I thought I would really challenge myself by adding a few more shows. But first (in my best Julie Chin a la Big Brother voice) I truly think Scandal just might be at the tip top of my list of the best shows EVER--it speaks volumes that I watch it in real time (well, 20 minutes in so I can FF through commercials, duh). Just watch it. Ok, so now I stumbled upon an original scripted (I love how networks now specify) show on VH1--Hindsight. I just recorded it to see if maybe I would be sucked in--what kind of question is that?? It's about this girl, Becca, who got cold feet on her wedding day (of her second marriage) and is transported back to 1995 to the day of her first wedding that ends in divorce. It's so teenager, but its something I can watch after an episode of Scandal to lower my pressure. And the music is the best part of the show... Another show I have become addicted to is The Blacklist...

+two. I read yesterday on Yahoo that the number one cause of stress among adults is money. No Shit, yahoo.  It says the groups most stressed about money are "parents, millennials, Gen X-ers, and lower-income households (those bringing in less than $50,000 per year). In other words: anyone besides wealthy Baby Boomers without children to support.." So basically everyone...even my parents because at the end of the day, they support me in an around-about way--and I am SO VERY THANKFUL FOR MY PARENTS. I knew going into home-ownership it would require more of my income and less frivolous spending of discretionary income. I have since learned that "less" is an understatement. I can remember in the first few years of being a grown up (when my parents still pretty much paid for everything so I could get acclimated to the real world), I would get a package from UPS or FedEx daily--J. Crew, Nordstrom, and all the good labels. So much so the UPS man and I would text each other regularly--btw, his name is Dary and I called him Gary for about a year...and best part: when he would send a text, his signature at the end read "sexual chocolate"

So I decided to try something new-- I have a "money jar" that I started for various purchases. My dad let me know there is another option--savings account--and I know that, but see what had happened was, my checking account automatically "sweeps" money from my savings in the event my addition/subtraction is off (every month) and I get overdrawn--because I have champagne taste on beer budget. So anyway, we will see how long my cookie jar fund lasts before I dip in it--my first purchase is to be a sofa that I have been putting off since June because I think something else is more important. Any good sugestions where I can buy a vintage distressed cigar leather 84" sofa with nailnead trim and a mid-century feel for NOT $4000?? Yeah, that's my problem--but Mom did give me a 20 to start my jar...

+three. So since I am trying not to spend too much money (I am already over that), I decided to NOT buy the Under Armour tights for $49.95 to wear out on my runs since someone pissed mother nature off and the wind chill was 18 degrees yesterday. I thought I would be thrifty and stop by the Dollar General on my way home and pick up a pair of tights to wear. Woman's tights. Size L that fit a woman featuring a frame of 5'7" all the way to 6' tall, weighing in at a sensible 150-180 pounds. I fit that description. I checked out, received a very peculiar look from the cashier who is a dead ringer of Target Lady (by Kristin Wiig on SNL) and was on my way to a cozy and comfortable 3 mile afternoon jog. Not. I had to lie on my bed to pull the tights on and when I got them pulled over my thighs, they were so tight on my waist that I looked like a busted can or biscuits. Re-evaluation time. I thought I would just make homemade compression socks that come over my knees--I cut the waist out and was on my way to run. I got about one song in and looked like this:

+four. Grammy's are Sunday and here are my predictions: Sam Smith will win everything he is nominated for, especially Best New Artist.

y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the one with trash talk [02FEB15]

++Katy Perry is on time. I thought her halftime show was damn good. Now, don't go trying to tell on me to Bruno because it didn't compare to his show last year. He can do no wrong...I didn't really watch the game too closely because personally, I couldn't care less about NFL football. I think it's so political, rigged, and unfair. Of course the only reason I think that is because that's what I hear. I also feel like people who like NFL football like it because they don't have an Alma Mater for which to root, so they adopt the NFL..That could be tote magotes wrong, but that's just my thinking...And win or lose, Tom Brady gets to go home to Gisele, so what the hell does it matter?? Ha.

 ++The song on repeat on my iPod is FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye, and Paul McCartney. Usually Kanye is either really really good or gross. I also am really digging Sugar by Adam and the five even though he lied about crashing weddings for the video when really they were actors..not cool Adam.

++I watched about an hour of The Bachelor last night and got a chance to see Chris and the blonde who sings on cruise ships visit a sex therapist. Instead of kissing they literally shared oxygen. I would have had two words for that "therapist"----tic tac.

++I tread lightly on to Beatrice Jenner and his transition to a woman. I don't know that I have ever been so baffled in all my days. Now I don't know much about going sans peen, but I thought this kind of transformation happens a touch earlier in the person's life. Here are some of the reasons I can think of as to why he has decided to become a woman:

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is suffering in the ratings and he wants to do all he can to help?

2. He is the only person in the world who is jealous of Kim's selfies and wants to give us a duck face in a white bikini?

3. There just aren't as many options for sensible summer chic for men?
4. He wants to show Kim how to really break the internet?
5. He has noticed only women in the Kardashian Klan are successful (see Rob)?
6. He wants to be the only male and female to win gold in the olympics?

I could go on and on, but I will stop. I am all about being happy and doing whatever it takes to make yourself happy...but I don't have a dozen kids to shame the hell out of either...wonder what Brandon and Brody think?? Or Leah...they are pretty "normal" per Hollywood standards... I guess we will all see when Diane Sawyer does a sit down with him in May...

Friday, January 30, 2015

the one with friday's four {01.30.2015}

Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday...

Wonder why that song is not Friday?? I think it should be Friday. But Drake didn't ask my opinion, huh? That's what I tell my students when I tell them to do something and they say "but I didn't..." and I quickly tell them I didn't ask a question, therefore I need no response or answer....

+one|| This morning was drill day, so we had a fire drill and a tornado drill. The fire drill was the period that I have 30 8th graders. Yes, THIRTY. I know. It's to the point where I tell them if they speak at all I will write them up because it's like they are hard of hearing because if I let them talk--only on Fridays if they catch me in a good mood and most importantly if Thirsty Thursday wasn't too rough, it's so loud. Today I let them talk and I felt like I was at Razorback Stadium it was so loud. But as I was walking around to make sure they weren't looking at inappropriate websites (like or websites are real and I have caught students red-handed viewing, even though there is a filter that keeps me out of YouTube, but they can chat with vampires about only God knows what..) I caught a student sending Snap Chats (just of stupid selfies, nothing inapprop.).. I took his phone and then we had a fire drill and he was so concerned his phone would burn up in the fire...yeah--no understanding whatsoever of the word drill. This is our future, guys.

+two|| let's talk about the best show in recent history for a minute... of course I am speaking of Scandal, namely Olivia Pope. SPOILER: if you haven't watched yet, skip to #3.

Last night we got to see where OP has been--on a movie set disguised as the Middle East. Shonda Rhimes is a genius. I love that OP had absolutely no power in last night's episode and was still as powerful as she is when she power walks through the White House in a white suit on a mission. I just love that show so much. I had to watch a recording of The Barefoot Contessa afterwards so my heartbeat would return to normal.. I can't wait to see what comes next... Oh, and for the record, I wish I would have watched it in real time so I could live tweet that I called it: I knew from the beginning her cell mate, Ian, was up to no good and was a bad guy... 

+three|| speaking of TV, I am glad American Idol is finished with auditions and on to Hollywood week. And The Voice starts in about four weeks and Xtina is back! I really like this young lady from last night:

+four|| sorry about not getting around to making this a link-up this week. I am thinking by next Friday I will have my shiz together and get it done.. And I have had quite a few requests to do a "Finish The Sentence" link up...and even though I totes feel like I would be cheating on my blog wife, Holly, I give it a shot--we have an open marriage...I know I wouldn't have nearly the participants we used to have because about 90% of my readers came from Holly--and thank you to all who still read my silly blog even though Holly is no longer with us.. Maybe I can talk someone out there in to hosting with me?!?!??!!!!!

y'all have a super duper weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

the one about xanax

I really don't get it. I have never in my whole entire life had any trouble falling asleep whatsoever. Pretty sure if I have a pillow or am in a reclined position, I will shortly be looking at the backs of my eyelids. Most of my family likes to make fun of my ability to sleep, but really I know they are just jealous that they have to take Ambien. Seriously, if something happens to me in the middle of the night I will probably just have to go on Heaven because I think everyone in my neighborhood (there are only 6 people in my hood) takes Ambien. ||side note: I took Ambien once in my life and it was not pretty. It was in late August, school had just started back, so my Summer sleep schedule hadn't gone away in my mind. During the night, I unplugged my alarm clock and turned my phone of course I over slept and had to call work and tell them I would be late because I had diarrhea (what? who says that even if you do have it?). And I also turned the HEAT on so I woke up in a pool of sweat.|| I don't/can't take prescription sleep medicine because I am "that person."

I have been taking ZzzQuil for quite some time now..not every night, but when I think there is a chance I may not get to bed and fall asleep before the people over at Crestpark--that's a geriatric establishment. But, a couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with that throw up feeling and I think the ZQ upset my stomach. And I am one of those who require AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep or I don't use my speaking voice until noon.

So last night I was so over this new habit of not being able to fall asleep. Not to mention yesterday I was so tired I almost fell asleep at work, then when I was getting a haircut. I got my hands on a 1mg Xanax ("legally")--but that's neither here nor there. I knew better than to take the whole thing because I would still be asleep right now. So I cut it in half and did some pill poppin' about 7:30.  I turned on an episode of Friends (on Netflix--absolutely genius) at 8:00 and don't even remember the opening credits.

I have taken Xanax (.25 mg) before for specific events, namely the 20 hour flight to Hong Kong where I sat beside this guy who smelled like farts and curry, but I have never just taken one because I wanted to cure insomnia. And Chelsea Handler used to always mention taking it to help her sleep, but being the judgmental person I am, I just assumed it was to bring her down from her high from some other stimulant.

Last night was honestly some of the BEST sleep I think I have ever had. I woke up feeling like I imagine Lindsay Lohan felt after she was discharged from the hospital for exhaustion.

I have some (non-immediate) family who abuses it, and clearly addicted. So much so that said person literally fell asleep in her plate at Thanksgiving lunch a couple of years ago--and I swear on everything this is the truth. We decided not to serve any soup this year for fear of drowning. But I don't think it will do any harm at all to take one occasionally, right? Of course with a prescription..

here's to another night of good sleep...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the one with a lot of topics

Since I am a scatter-brained person, I don't have a specific topic in mind to use as a blog title. So like most conversations I have in my head--this one is random.

I watched Ellen's Design Challenge last night on HGTV because that's kind of my favorite channel. There are six designers (now five after last night) who are semi-professional furniture designers that compete in challenges. It's simple, but good. I think I like it so much because I think I would make a great contestant--just like on every other show on TV ||sidenote: I am applying for Big Brother one more time, and that's all|| But I have dabbled in this before. During my house renovation, I designed a sideboard because I couldn't find one I liked that wasn't the cost of my down payment. I designed it, and my carpenter built it..

I made this little dish for dinner last night and it was so good I wanted to eat the whole thing--which is enough for about four servings. I limited myself to one, begrudgingly. The only thing I did differently was add chicken. I used about eight chicken breast tenderloins that I just cooked in a olive oil. I diced them prior to cooking and seasoned with S+P, cumin, and garlic powder. yum. I google "mexican quinoa" and this was the first selection..It is from a young lady named Chungah @ I highly recommend it..and if you have never cooked with quinoa before, you should definitely try it. It's a "superfood" that is super good.

Jamaica should have won the Miss Universe pageant. They don't say gentlemen prefer blondes for nothing..While I do like long hair don't care blondes, my Mom has jet black hair so I tend to like dark hair--long dark hair--but there was something about Miss Jamaica that was super sexy to me...

Other gals I thought looked sexy on Sunday night (in every shade) at the SAGs included:
always at the top of my sexy list

another staple

hot blonde

she does it of jake. always has.

So all the Tanneritos reunited over the weekend for the birthday of the creator of Full House--a genius in my eyes. Most of the cast was there, even Steve--DJ's boyfriend. Noticeably absent of course were May-Kate and Ashley. You know, I know they are busy people, but I would think I would reschedule my day to attend the person's birthday who made me famous. I'm sure their prior obligation was perfecting their pissed faces in the mirror--it's OK to smile once in a while gals...

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Friday, January 23, 2015

the one with friday's four [01.23.2015]

+one--- as you may have noticed, I have spent more time at my computer today than I care to admit... I have never paid anyone to design my blog because I am so incredibly particular about every single tiny detail, I would drive the designer completely nuts with the most pesky requests he or she ever I just do it myself. I just use paint to do it..I am sure there is a better way but don't even get me started on using Photoshop...I pretty much cause my blood pressure to go off the charts. It's crazy that little things like that drive me nuts, but I can count on one hand how many times I made my bed this month...go figure. Some people (like my girl Kara) pretty much make their beds while they are still in it...I haven't that much time in the moring--as a matter of fact, I was running so late this morning I forgot to change out of my house shoes to regular shoes... It's not completely abnormal here since quite a few students' preferred choice of shoe is one most people don't wear outside...

+two--- I have a new obsession. And I was trying to wait to do a post that would be sponsored by the company to give some of y'all some free swag, but they will not respond in a manner I consider timely. I have talked a bit with them, so maybe there's a chance. I know you all probably know about them, but if you don't--Canvas On Demand. They print photos on canvas (go figure) and I love mine. I ran across as special back before Christmas that was too good to pass up--it was they have sold out and I was bummed when I went back to buy more. The regular price of one 16x20 gallery wrapped (1.5 inched thick instead of .75 inches) canvas is about $130--which is way more than my budget allows. I have since found the same deal offered by Groupon for the same amazing deal--TWO canvases, yes TWO 16x20 gallery wrapped canvases for only $49.99--it's basically a steal. I took advantage and bout 6 of those groupons for a total of 12 canvases. I replaced my gallery wall in the front living room (what I call the museum room because it's just for looks) and it looks so good. I am still waiting for a few more to come in--it takes about a month from the time you order... They are really good quality and look so good with one or 12!

+three-- the incompetent customer service representatives over at the Sirius/XM headquarters can make my blood pressure rise more quickly than an ADHD 8th grader on game day. I have extinguished over two hours of my life in the past week trying to get my subscription straight. Here's how it went down:

--my subscription expired on December 25th and the card on file had expired..
--when they finally called me at a time I wasn't trying to make a living at my job, they told me I had a past due balance and had to pay that before they would turn my radio back on...
--I asked them why they didn't just turn it off when my card didn't work instead of waiting to tell me even if I didn't want to renew I had to pay it..otherwise they would turn me over to the collection agency..
----------this is when I got mean------------
--I told that girl if she could speak proper English in AMERICA then she would understand how frustrated I was, but instead she got lucky...
--Finally, because I was inconvenienced, they gave me a promotional offer to renew for one year.
--I said OK, and she said my radio was in good standing until January 16, 2016.
 ----------fast forward one week--------------
--Yesterday my radio was turned off again.
I called them back, flying HOT. I said things to another non-American young lady that made her keep repeating--"Unfortunately......" and I cut her off after about the 4th time and asked if she knew what that word meant or was the the only word she knew. I demanded to speak to someone higher up--And I promise you I said "not upstairs or in the air, YOUR BOSS in case you don't understand."
--I got transferred to Mike in billing. Much better.
--You want to know why my radio was turned off?? Becuase the first English-as-second-language rep I spoke to a week prior forgot to clear my "past due balance" from December 25-January 16.

After all that, I told Mike if I had to speak with that lady from a place it takes 12 hours to get to on a plane again, I would just listen to FM or my iPod. 

+four--I am working with a group of friends to plan a trip to celebrate out new memberships of club three zero. There are seven total. We orginally thought about a secluded island in the Bahamas..but decided we would rather a place with a little more to do in the event we want to go balls to the wall one night. Our next choice is Key West. Who has been? Is it good?

--also I am thinking about turning Friday's Four into a weekly link-up...what do y'all think about that?? Would you participate?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the one about american sniper

Stop whatever you are doing right now and go to your local big screen to see American Sniper if you haven't seen it yet. It's one of the best movies I think I have ever seen.

Ok, well at least go tonight. I had a date with my parents last night where we partook in the Pizza Hut buffet and bargain night at the Broadway Cinema (can't hardly beat seeing a new release for only five bucks..). The pizza was awful. The movie was awesome. I think everyone in the area had the same idea as we had because I could count on one hand the seats that were unoccupied. My brother joined us on the date, but of course he is far too cool to be seen in the same vehicle with us--I guess he gets enough of my parents because he does still live at home. With them. Rent-free.  #failuretolaunch

American Sniper is not a movie that will not stir up any emotion. It's also not for the faint of heart. For about 90 of the 120 minutes of the movie I was on the edge of my seat, super tense. I laughed. I cried. I almost gave my brother a high five at one point... In certain aspects, the movie is really hard to watch--but by the same token, the naysayers (ie super liberal celebrities like Michael Moore who backtracked after calling snipers "cowards") are clearly shown WHY we are at war and how vicious some of the Iraqi people actually are... Of course all of us wish for world peace, but if something needs to be done, do it--and I fully support it.

I read the book, and this is one of very few movies I enjoyed more than the book. And going back to what I said in the last post about learning so much about Iraq (and the war in general), the movie is super eye opening. The PTSD and survivor guilt must just be mentally exhausting--especially after having served FOUR tours of duty like Chris Kyle did. Not to mention the absolutely sick emotions the families experience. I can be in the worst mood ever and see a soldier homecoming on TV and I become a train wreck--in a good way--and it puts my bad mood in perspective.

I did just read on Yahoo about the baby being fake in the movie--and it's so obvious.

I know I tend to favor more mainstream contenders for the Oscars, but I think this movie should win Best Film. And Bradley Cooper totes deserves best actor. But I haven't seen Boyhood or The Theory of Everything.

Speaking of movies--and a total 180--I am very curious to see J. Lo's new movie-The Boy Next Door. 

and I'm addicted to Triva Crack--my best category is sports and my worst is entertainment...go figure.

but seriously, go see American Sniper..and God Bless America.