Thursday, January 29, 2015

the one about xanax

I really don't get it. I have never in my whole entire life had any trouble falling asleep whatsoever. Pretty sure if I have a pillow or am in a reclined position, I will shortly be looking at the backs of my eyelids. Most of my family likes to make fun of my ability to sleep, but really I know they are just jealous that they have to take Ambien. Seriously, if something happens to me in the middle of the night I will probably just have to go on Heaven because I think everyone in my neighborhood (there are only 6 people in my hood) takes Ambien. ||side note: I took Ambien once in my life and it was not pretty. It was in late August, school had just started back, so my Summer sleep schedule hadn't gone away in my mind. During the night, I unplugged my alarm clock and turned my phone of course I over slept and had to call work and tell them I would be late because I had diarrhea (what? who says that even if you do have it?). And I also turned the HEAT on so I woke up in a pool of sweat.|| I don't/can't take prescription sleep medicine because I am "that person."

I have been taking ZzzQuil for quite some time now..not every night, but when I think there is a chance I may not get to bed and fall asleep before the people over at Crestpark--that's a geriatric establishment. But, a couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with that throw up feeling and I think the ZQ upset my stomach. And I am one of those who require AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep or I don't use my speaking voice until noon.

So last night I was so over this new habit of not being able to fall asleep. Not to mention yesterday I was so tired I almost fell asleep at work, then when I was getting a haircut. I got my hands on a 1mg Xanax ("legally")--but that's neither here nor there. I knew better than to take the whole thing because I would still be asleep right now. So I cut it in half and did some pill poppin' about 7:30.  I turned on an episode of Friends (on Netflix--absolutely genius) at 8:00 and don't even remember the opening credits.

I have taken Xanax (.25 mg) before for specific events, namely the 20 hour flight to Hong Kong where I sat beside this guy who smelled like farts and curry, but I have never just taken one because I wanted to cure insomnia. And Chelsea Handler used to always mention taking it to help her sleep, but being the judgmental person I am, I just assumed it was to bring her down from her high from some other stimulant.

Last night was honestly some of the BEST sleep I think I have ever had. I woke up feeling like I imagine Lindsay Lohan felt after she was discharged from the hospital for exhaustion.

I have some (non-immediate) family who abuses it, and clearly addicted. So much so that said person literally fell asleep in her plate at Thanksgiving lunch a couple of years ago--and I swear on everything this is the truth. We decided not to serve any soup this year for fear of drowning. But I don't think it will do any harm at all to take one occasionally, right? Of course with a prescription..

here's to another night of good sleep...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the one with a lot of topics

Since I am a scatter-brained person, I don't have a specific topic in mind to use as a blog title. So like most conversations I have in my head--this one is random.

I watched Ellen's Design Challenge last night on HGTV because that's kind of my favorite channel. There are six designers (now five after last night) who are semi-professional furniture designers that compete in challenges. It's simple, but good. I think I like it so much because I think I would make a great contestant--just like on every other show on TV ||sidenote: I am applying for Big Brother one more time, and that's all|| But I have dabbled in this before. During my house renovation, I designed a sideboard because I couldn't find one I liked that wasn't the cost of my down payment. I designed it, and my carpenter built it..

I made this little dish for dinner last night and it was so good I wanted to eat the whole thing--which is enough for about four servings. I limited myself to one, begrudgingly. The only thing I did differently was add chicken. I used about eight chicken breast tenderloins that I just cooked in a olive oil. I diced them prior to cooking and seasoned with S+P, cumin, and garlic powder. yum. I google "mexican quinoa" and this was the first selection..It is from a young lady named Chungah @ I highly recommend it..and if you have never cooked with quinoa before, you should definitely try it. It's a "superfood" that is super good.

Jamaica should have won the Miss Universe pageant. They don't say gentlemen prefer blondes for nothing..While I do like long hair don't care blondes, my Mom has jet black hair so I tend to like dark hair--long dark hair--but there was something about Miss Jamaica that was super sexy to me...

Other gals I thought looked sexy on Sunday night (in every shade) at the SAGs included:
always at the top of my sexy list

another staple

hot blonde

she does it of jake. always has.

So all the Tanneritos reunited over the weekend for the birthday of the creator of Full House--a genius in my eyes. Most of the cast was there, even Steve--DJ's boyfriend. Noticeably absent of course were May-Kate and Ashley. You know, I know they are busy people, but I would think I would reschedule my day to attend the person's birthday who made me famous. I'm sure their prior obligation was perfecting their pissed faces in the mirror--it's OK to smile once in a while gals...

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Friday, January 23, 2015

the one with friday's four [01.23.2015]

+one--- as you may have noticed, I have spent more time at my computer today than I care to admit... I have never paid anyone to design my blog because I am so incredibly particular about every single tiny detail, I would drive the designer completely nuts with the most pesky requests he or she ever I just do it myself. I just use paint to do it..I am sure there is a better way but don't even get me started on using Photoshop...I pretty much cause my blood pressure to go off the charts. It's crazy that little things like that drive me nuts, but I can count on one hand how many times I made my bed this month...go figure. Some people (like my girl Kara) pretty much make their beds while they are still in it...I haven't that much time in the moring--as a matter of fact, I was running so late this morning I forgot to change out of my house shoes to regular shoes... It's not completely abnormal here since quite a few students' preferred choice of shoe is one most people don't wear outside...

+two--- I have a new obsession. And I was trying to wait to do a post that would be sponsored by the company to give some of y'all some free swag, but they will not respond in a manner I consider timely. I have talked a bit with them, so maybe there's a chance. I know you all probably know about them, but if you don't--Canvas On Demand. They print photos on canvas (go figure) and I love mine. I ran across as special back before Christmas that was too good to pass up--it was they have sold out and I was bummed when I went back to buy more. The regular price of one 16x20 gallery wrapped (1.5 inched thick instead of .75 inches) canvas is about $130--which is way more than my budget allows. I have since found the same deal offered by Groupon for the same amazing deal--TWO canvases, yes TWO 16x20 gallery wrapped canvases for only $49.99--it's basically a steal. I took advantage and bout 6 of those groupons for a total of 12 canvases. I replaced my gallery wall in the front living room (what I call the museum room because it's just for looks) and it looks so good. I am still waiting for a few more to come in--it takes about a month from the time you order... They are really good quality and look so good with one or 12!

+three-- the incompetent customer service representatives over at the Sirius/XM headquarters can make my blood pressure rise more quickly than an ADHD 8th grader on game day. I have extinguished over two hours of my life in the past week trying to get my subscription straight. Here's how it went down:

--my subscription expired on December 25th and the card on file had expired..
--when they finally called me at a time I wasn't trying to make a living at my job, they told me I had a past due balance and had to pay that before they would turn my radio back on...
--I asked them why they didn't just turn it off when my card didn't work instead of waiting to tell me even if I didn't want to renew I had to pay it..otherwise they would turn me over to the collection agency..
----------this is when I got mean------------
--I told that girl if she could speak proper English in AMERICA then she would understand how frustrated I was, but instead she got lucky...
--Finally, because I was inconvenienced, they gave me a promotional offer to renew for one year.
--I said OK, and she said my radio was in good standing until January 16, 2016.
 ----------fast forward one week--------------
--Yesterday my radio was turned off again.
I called them back, flying HOT. I said things to another non-American young lady that made her keep repeating--"Unfortunately......" and I cut her off after about the 4th time and asked if she knew what that word meant or was the the only word she knew. I demanded to speak to someone higher up--And I promise you I said "not upstairs or in the air, YOUR BOSS in case you don't understand."
--I got transferred to Mike in billing. Much better.
--You want to know why my radio was turned off?? Becuase the first English-as-second-language rep I spoke to a week prior forgot to clear my "past due balance" from December 25-January 16.

After all that, I told Mike if I had to speak with that lady from a place it takes 12 hours to get to on a plane again, I would just listen to FM or my iPod. 

+four--I am working with a group of friends to plan a trip to celebrate out new memberships of club three zero. There are seven total. We orginally thought about a secluded island in the Bahamas..but decided we would rather a place with a little more to do in the event we want to go balls to the wall one night. Our next choice is Key West. Who has been? Is it good?

--also I am thinking about turning Friday's Four into a weekly link-up...what do y'all think about that?? Would you participate?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the one about american sniper

Stop whatever you are doing right now and go to your local big screen to see American Sniper if you haven't seen it yet. It's one of the best movies I think I have ever seen.

Ok, well at least go tonight. I had a date with my parents last night where we partook in the Pizza Hut buffet and bargain night at the Broadway Cinema (can't hardly beat seeing a new release for only five bucks..). The pizza was awful. The movie was awesome. I think everyone in the area had the same idea as we had because I could count on one hand the seats that were unoccupied. My brother joined us on the date, but of course he is far too cool to be seen in the same vehicle with us--I guess he gets enough of my parents because he does still live at home. With them. Rent-free.  #failuretolaunch

American Sniper is not a movie that will not stir up any emotion. It's also not for the faint of heart. For about 90 of the 120 minutes of the movie I was on the edge of my seat, super tense. I laughed. I cried. I almost gave my brother a high five at one point... In certain aspects, the movie is really hard to watch--but by the same token, the naysayers (ie super liberal celebrities like Michael Moore who backtracked after calling snipers "cowards") are clearly shown WHY we are at war and how vicious some of the Iraqi people actually are... Of course all of us wish for world peace, but if something needs to be done, do it--and I fully support it.

I read the book, and this is one of very few movies I enjoyed more than the book. And going back to what I said in the last post about learning so much about Iraq (and the war in general), the movie is super eye opening. The PTSD and survivor guilt must just be mentally exhausting--especially after having served FOUR tours of duty like Chris Kyle did. Not to mention the absolutely sick emotions the families experience. I can be in the worst mood ever and see a soldier homecoming on TV and I become a train wreck--in a good way--and it puts my bad mood in perspective.

I did just read on Yahoo about the baby being fake in the movie--and it's so obvious.

I know I tend to favor more mainstream contenders for the Oscars, but I think this movie should win Best Film. And Bradley Cooper totes deserves best actor. But I haven't seen Boyhood or The Theory of Everything.

Speaking of movies--and a total 180--I am very curious to see J. Lo's new movie-The Boy Next Door. 

and I'm addicted to Triva Crack--my best category is sports and my worst is entertainment...go figure.

but seriously, go see American Sniper..and God Bless America.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the one about globes, news, and snipers

Tina and Amy called out Bill Cosby on the Golden Globes. He deserves it. You know, where there's smoke, there's fire. Always. Period the end. It's kind of like the Michael Jackson allegations. He may not have penetrated, but I am sure he did something to a nether region to make those little boys feel it down there. Doesn't make me stop listen to his music though. My favorite joke of course was the one listing Amal's accomplishments but she was there because George was receiving a lifetime achievement award...

Amal wore white gloves. I think she is really good looking. I think people either agree with me or think she is a dog biscuit. I happen to think she is pretty. And those gloves, she made them herself. I know not only is she more qualified than Barack, but she is a domesticated as Martha.

 I think it's unfair that eBay charges a listing fee AND takes a percentage of the sale of an item--it's not changing. I sold quite a few items on eBay last week and I made over $600. I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought having the same Patagonia vest in FOUR different colors was a bit extreme and unnecessary. So I sold two. I never imagined they would sell for as much as they did. You see, in my mind, I think it's stupid to buy something used if it's not at least half the price of said item new. So the vest cost me $179 I think. I sold it for $114. The two vests gave me false hope for other items. For example, I listed a few things for Mother (she has good things). So back in 1999, she bought this really bitchin' expensive leather jacket. It's heinous, but I thought someone would pay big bucks for it. Too bad it didn't even meet the reserve of only $40. And then some girl who lives less than 50 miles up I-40 bought a purse Mother had me list. I sent her a message telling her I would ship yesterday and didn't ship Monday because the eBay mail site was down and I casually mentioned how much easier it would have been just to meet her with the item rather than sending it... I got a response from eBay letting me know "the buyer will not respond to requests to complete transactions outside eBay.." I guess they thought I was Bill Cosby.

My dad fusses at me all the time because he thinks I don't watch enough news. Last week I was going over my plan to cut back on spending for 2015. Of course all that has led to was my overly ambitious transfer from checking to savings, only to have to transfer it right back a few days later. I made mention of attempting to cut ties with Dish network and just watch Netflix (and secretly use my parents' info to watch DirecTV online) I thought that was really ambitious of me, but Dad's biggest concern was my ignorance of world events if I didn't have cable. He doesn't understand that I hardly ever watch the news now (unless E! News counts), but instead, I read the Yahoo! ticker every day. And if it's super important, TMZ is surely to link me to the right place... And I certainly don't watch Fox News because I think they live to slam the Liberals just as much as most other news outlets live to slam the conservatives.

My point to all this is no matter how many channels or internet access one has, news shows up if you need it. To be completely honest, I couldn't tell you even five detailed facts about the war in Iraq. I just didn't want to know or I didn't understand because I didn't want to understand. I also kind of distanced myself from war coverage after one of my high school classmates and good friend was killed while serving back in 2009. He was only 24. It's not that I don't agree with the war, or that I don't care--because I do, so please don't email me and suggest I relocate to Syria because you think I am un-American--I just kind of tuned out, so I became ignorant. That is until now.

I am not even finished with the book, but even after reading less than 200 pages of American Sniper, I have learned more info from the book than I have learned from all the news I have ever watched combined. I highly recommend this book if it's the only book you ever read. God Bless America.

Friday, January 9, 2015

the one with friday's four ||january ninth||

||uno|| So I take back everything negative I said about American Idol in the post from yesterday because last night was as good as an episode from the early days of AI. I think they actually showed over 20 golden ticket auditions last night. I know. Usually they hog up two or three segments with super unfortunate people who practice their "Best New Artist" Grammy acceptance speech on a daily basis--if they shower everyday and use that time as practice for that speech because that's when I would practice if I may or may not do such a thing. Without further ado, these were the stand outs to me:

+Savion Wright did Eric Clapton's Change The World and it was amazeballs. If you remember (or didn't fast forward through the reminder last night) correctly, he was a favorite from last year before he got cut right before the live shows. I predict he will go pretty much all the way this year.

+Cody Fry used to sing McDonald's jingles as a kiddo. He auditioned with Somewhere Over The Rainbow and killed it. I think he can probably sing anything he wants to sing. He is the most obscure looking person to me...

+Garrett Miles is one of the only contestants whose name I can remember off the top of my head without having to check my notes because that is the name of a star to me. He was born blind but I can't bring myself to describe him as the "blind boy" because there are so many other memorable qualities about Garrett. First of all, dude has mad vocal chops. He is like no one else. He has a great likability factor. And I am sure he knows and is super grateful for his family. His Dad absolutely lit up when he sang. I know first hand how incredibly reassuring it is to have supportive parents..

+Sarina Joi-Crowe auditioned for the 4th year. She is good. She did Love Runs Out by One Republic.

+Jess Lamb may have been my favorite. Considering she is so old, I don't know how she even got away from the nursing home long enough to beg her grandson to give her a ride to the audition...She is 28 for crying out loud, but has the talent of a legend. And the comment I would have been most flattered by came from Harry when he told her she was "the definition of creativity." Just to be clear, for us right-brainers--that is a compliment. Some of her choices were a bit too much, but her talent outweighed any of those reservations.. She did Ain't No Sunshine and Harry was so impressed he joined her on the keys for a sick duet..

+Naomi Tatsuoka was way too dramatic and her sense of style [or lack thereof] is as all over the place as the four different personalities she visited in the 90 seconds of Adele's Someone Like You. With all of that said, don't let that confuse you about what I thought about her voice. I think with a little bit of assistance from a vocal coach (or just an honest friend) she could be really good--however, I think she would be perfectly content with entertaining her crowd at Tequila Tuesday if she doesn't make it on Idol.

There were so many good ones. Good job, Idol!

||dos|| The Spanish Club at my school is taking a trip to Costa Rica this Summer. There are 12 students going. The Spanish teacher informed me this morning that they need another male chaperone. Guess who she asked to be that male chaperone? Yep, yours truly. I told her I would roll it around over the weekend, and let her know something early next week. I can't imagine going to a place where a passport is required and having to be a chaperone. I usually need one myself... Thoughts??

||tres||  Looks like Andi [the Bachelorette who I think is a smokin hot dime] is available again since she broke it off with Josh. Can you believe two people who got engaged after meeting each other six weeks prior said engagement didn't last?? Preposterous. She should've picked Chris. I wonder how many contestants have really lasted??  I think anyone who goes on The Bachelor just might have a few snakes in their head.. But I am sure that is what outsiders say about Tinder too--yes, I am on Tinder. It's a bit of a thrill deciding if I want to holler at some chick after seeing only five selfies and a two sentence bio...a bit superficial, but well, if the shoe fits....Sue me.

Here are some ways to automatically get a swipe left/hell no from me:

+if you have a "proud mommy of a 3 year old" : I am no one's daddy.
+if your photos are all of a group and not just you: I'm not trying to play Where's Waldo

+sorry to you gals of color, but I don't have jungle fever--but we can hang out..
+if you have a Glamor Shots profile pic: yes they are out there
+duck face selfies/bathroom selfies/butt selfies/
+"artsy" photos of your eye because, well, nothing else is considered artsy
+our mutual friend is sketchy and I just accepted said "friend" to write blogs about their annoying facebook statuses.
+if you are my cousin that I ran across in the first 5 minutes of joining...supa awkward.

:::this is me when I get a match:::


Thursday, January 8, 2015

the one with an [brief] Idol recap

So there's good news for those who didn't watch or record American Idol last night--this season Fox is providing full episodes online..but you have to subscribe to some sort of provider to "unlock" the episodes--which defeats the purpose of posting online to me because that is what free loaders do who don't want to pay for Dish or DirecTv...  Click Here to see the first episode.

I will start by saying I forgot just how perfect Jennifer Lopez's skin is. I remember watching her on Ellen a few years ago when Ellen asked her for her secret to such an awesome complexion and Jenny from the block said "No Alcohol, no smoking, and no sun..." and Ellen's reply: "No fun.." and I kind of agree. But then again, if I got paid $20 million a season to look good, I just might reconsider what I think of as fun...I digress.

This I know for sure: Michael Simeon is now a legend on the Ole Miss campus after a damn good audition on American Idol last night--not because he sang Sam Smith with next to perfect intonation,  but because he slow danced with J.Lo. Pimp.

As far as the show is concerned, the producers better liven it up a bit if last night's premier is any indication of what the future holds...I guess Fox cut them back to only one hour because the ratings have been abysmal since the Carrie Underwood days... They did let us hear the top 24 without revealing their faces, but a siple google search spills the beans and lists most of the top 24. What I am saying is this: Mr. Ole Miss will be in Hollywood for a while :).

--Cam Bedell tried his hand at Ray LaMontagne's You Are The Best Thing and it was on the good end of average..I think he was doing more of an impression of Ray rather than being original..but I liked it..

--then there was the ole gal who is the youngest of 10 siblings.. to say she had a twang is an understatement. She said her Mama was with her at the audition but Ditty wasn't..She sang Delta Dawn and sounded as though she was holding her nose she was so nasaly..

Michael Simeon was by far the best. Speaking of music I would like to let y'all know my latest country singer on repeat: Sam Hunt. He is really, really good to me. I actually bought his whole album and other than the obvious favorite (Take Your Time) I like Make You Miss Me. And I just heard he was going on tour with Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes--that will be a good show.

I'll give another Idol recap tomorrow in my Friday's Four...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

the one about insomnia and TV

I don't feel any differently as a 30-something than I did as a twenty something--but thanks for all the birthday love! It truly was amazing... sorry, I said that yesterday. I guess turning 30 makes me forget stuff...woomp woomp..I kid. It's not any different from 29 except for one very pressing matter: I have become somewhat of an insomniac and there is nothing in the whole WIDE WORLD more frustrating to someone who demands at least 8 hours. Not only can I not fall asleep, but I wake up at least twice (for anywhere from five minutes to an hour...) and then, I wake up before my alarm goes off. This is from the person who has to set two alarms because I sleep so incredibly deeply. This awful cycle best be due to the full moon we had last weekend or I am about to subscribe to the Ambien.

tonight is the night I used to really look forward to..but now since all the life has been sucked out of it, I not only don't watch in real time, but just when I get around to it on the weekend. Yes, I am talking about American Idol. Supposedly this year it will be better because Scott Borchetta from Big Machine Records (aka the dude that basically won the lottery when he gave Taylor Swift a record deal) will replace Randy as the mentor. We will see...but I am certainly not holding my breath. I can't wait to hear how many times Harry uses his favorite word: intonation.

That I am in such need of a TV program that I watched The Bachelor on Monday night as I was working out. Some things I took away from the first episode include:

--the girl that fell in love with Marcus on Bachelor in Paradise lost her chance to be a math teacher after she stated that they were about "80/40" on the date of the wedding. This was proclaimed on the red carpet "event" (that it my mind means those fame whores are looking for another 15 minutes..)  prior to the live watch party.

--on the carpet, the girl that is a self-proclaimed princess (Erica I think?) mistakenly wore her Tin Man costume from Halloween on the "red carpet"

--Andi is so fine. If I told her that she would say "Sttopppp"

--My family farms. Farmers to appear to have been pulled from the GQ rustic edition. And he does a lot of just gazing. And he went fishing with his Dad in what appeared to be tractor ruts in the middle of a corn field?

--Tara--the wannabe Daisy Duke/drunk ass is something else. Perhaps if she would have worn something other than denim panties that she pulled on like young chap who recently his nether regions she could have had better focus...  Wonder why these gals can't hold it together and not get smashed on national television. I also think she may enjoy muffins for breakfast just as much or more than sausage links.

Also, what do these alums do after being on the show?? How do they have all this time to go to red carpet events and participate in the spinoffs?

that I didn't make an actual resolution that I will not stick to...
Now that the holidays (mainly my 30th) are over, I have had a little bit of time to think. I spent a lot of time just sitting on my sofa, thinking. While that can lead to thoughts of my certainty of saving the world, I really had no doubt in my mind I couldn't.... I really wanted to come up with a "resolution" I could stick with. After crossing off eating better, waiting until 5 for drinks, using and entire tube of chap stick (note: I successfully completed this year because I bought a little unit that set me back 30 bucks, so I had to finish it--and became addicted), and reading more, I came to this conclusion--it's rather simple--be the best version of me. That's right--I know it's sounds lame, but it is an honest, completely doable resolution..

Monday, January 5, 2015

the one with my surprise 30th

Let me start this off by saying this: I am a super duper observant person. I literally never miss anything. Like freakishly so. How I got the wool pulled over my eyes and was able to be truly surprised by my awesome family and friends is beyond me. I don't get it. But I was. BIG TIME. Everyone kept asking "Were you REALLY surprised??" and finally I told my Mom (who wasn't completely convinced herself) "I swear on your life I had no idea, and was totes surprised.." I think she knows now how surprised I really was.

So here's how it went down:

On Monday (December 15) I was part of a group text from my friend, Angie that read:

We are thinking about going to the Country Club on Friday or Saturday for dinner for Scotty's birthday dinner. What works best for y'all? 

Various responses stated Saturday night (after a benefit for the dog shelter) would be best because we would all be dressed and ready and no additional baby sitters would be needed for those who chose to have children...I was busy at work reviewing for semester exams, so I didn't see this--therefore didn't respond until about two hours after the text was sent (and what I now know was panic among the group)...Angie says Jake I went ahead and included you in the reservation.. Ok..sounds good to me...

The week goes on, I planned to go to dinner in Memphis with Kelly on Friday night..She cancels due to "crazy work day" so I just blow it off and go to Felton's for dinner where I start the whole poor pitiful me for not even getting to celebrate such a huge birthday because it's on Christmas Eve...blah blah...They didn't even feel sorry for me..I even went home early, pissed.

Saturday rolls around (the day of the party) and I had planned on lunch with college friends who were in town for family Christmas. They asked my plans for my birthday and I gave them to guilt trip about turning 30 on Christmas Eve..and they decided that lunch would be a great celebration...It was. Thanks, guys!!

Completely oblivious, Ashely called me and asked "where are you.." Then proceeded to tell me not to take a nap and get a nap hangover because we were going to have fun tonight...Yeah, sure..It will be so fun celebrating someone else's birthday five days before my freaking 30th....

Mendy calls, asks where I am..I guess they thought I wasn't coming home, but Jaclyn and Brad they wouldn't let me stay for the day because they had to "get home to Emmy.."

4:00--Mendy calls and asks for me to come pick her up because Trent was hunting and wouldn't be ready for the Dog Shelter benefit..I said sure, because I fetch her all the time because they live about 5 miles out of town, so they don't want two vehicles...understandably so.. I go to pick her up about 4:45 (and Trent was there, unbeknownst to me--he wasn't hunting at all--I even bitch to her about how I would be so pissed if my spouse wasn't ready on time to go to a party that you are supposed to be on time for..) Pet party starts at 5. I didn't want to go so early, so I call Ashley (who is at the Country club setting up for my party) and she didn't answer so I start going toward her house for a pre-drink--like we always do...Mendy gets antsy and tells me to just go ahead and let's go to the Dog Party. Reluctantly, I do. It was the Hosts and two 92 year old women there. Neat.

After the party starts, and we had been there a couple hours, I am ready to go to the Club for dinner because gin+tonic on empty stomach means highway to the danger zone. 7:00 rolls around, and the party is over. I keep getting cornered by various party-goers who want to talk to me about the most random things. By now, I am ready to eat my cocktail napkin. Finally, Mendy says it's OK to leave, but we have to take her sister's vehicle all the way to her house so they will only have one vehicle at the Club. Ugh. Ok. NOTE: I had to be stalled because my college friends all the way from Bentonville are lost in Marianna--imagine.

So on the way to the Country Club, Mendy says there is a "Corporate Party" that was over at 7, but they just aren't leaving...but we planned on having dinner on the back porch, so no worries...We get to the CC and there are a ton of vehicles that I thought belonged to those from the "corporate party." I did see one vehicle that I recognized (Mendy's brother in law who's wife is 8 months preggo and I just saw her at the benefit where she told me she wouldn't see me again until the baby arrived..)  and Mendy said they called in take out...Ok...

So I fumble around in my vehicle--yes I drove to my own party--for something...and Mendy and her sister and brother in law are telling me to hurry...blah blah--but I had just ordered a new drink at the previous party, and wanted to take it in because drinks aren't cheap....I walk in having a conversation with Mendy's sister about Christmas cards, and little did I know this was on the other side..

then I walk in, in complete shock/disbelief/about to cry/pee my pants...

this is one of my all-time favorite pictures because I know how excited Mendy is for me, and that she pulled off getting me there without spilling the beans....


I was beyond surprised...

college friends!

I think my friends are just as excited as I am because they pulled off actually surprising me...

my sweet nanny

my best friend, shea, made a video of pictures...and this is me almost crying...

the super deluxe party planners, ashley and my amazing mama

Mom didn't know she was wearing Christmas trees upside down..

my t-shirt business partner, mrs. shirley

the bff, shea

the photographer, amelia--who made $56 in tips!

jax--one of my college roommates


another planner, kelly

my silly parents and aunt carol and uncle bill

all the gerrard bunch

my over the top, outstanding, too good to me mom and dad!


my cousin, sarah--boys she's single...

the night is getting later....


Mare and I are bout to do some Salt-n-peppa

don't you got nothin to do than worry bout my friends....CHECK it

this is the main cook at the club....

We left the Club around 12:30ish I think, and I invited all of my friends to continue the celebration at my house. We partied and partied and partied some more....I have never had more fun in my 30 years...promise.. I went to bed about 4am. And didn't get out of bed for two days...

So to everyone who came to my party--THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have never felt more appreciative, grateful, loved, or special than I did that night. To Mom and Dad--thank you for the band, the food, the party.. To my friends--thanks for the lies leading up to that night.. To everyone who gave me a gift--I tried to write you all thank you notes, but by the time I got the gifts, there were not names on them...So thank you!

It was the best party ever. I am too blessed, and my cup truly runneth over!