Tuesday, November 25, 2014

the one that is brought to you by "the #2"

At my buddy's house, I read US Weekly while dropping the kids off at the pool. There was a little write up about a celeb and "25 Things You Probably Don't Know About..." and I thought that would make for a good blog post..except I will do 24 because odd numbers are "ew" --like Sara with no "H" would say..

1. My middle name is Chandler--not after Chandler Bing, but because that's my Mom's maiden name.

2. If it wouldn't be considered "ew" [and my hair didn't look like I dipped it in Wesson oil] I would only shower once a week..I really hate water unless I am fully submerged...but I have only taken about 8 baths in my adult life because I think they are more "ew" than not showering.

3. I have read every John Grisham book and The Last Juror is my favorite, but The Firm is one of my favorite movies of all time.

4. I always have chapstick.

5. I don't teach art. You wouldn't believe how many people assume that. I teach Business Technology, which includes Keyboarding, Business Appications, and Marketing. I would love to teach art, but I follow no rules when I paint, so I wouldn't be the best teacher.

6. Fish freak me out. I would much rather encounter a snake in the water than have a fish come close.

7. I am a huge Mac fan. I was forever changed when I got a MacBook. Don't even get me started on iPhone. Samsung is for losers. Kidding. kind of.

8. I used to be allergic to poison ivy until I swallowed a leaf in the 4th grade. I didn't know it was poison ivy, duh. But I am now immune, and haven't had it since 1994.

9. I can recite Home Alone from start to finish, ya filthy animal--this was also the very first movie I saw at a movie theater.

10. I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch for 2 weeks when I was in college. I quit the day I went to work 4 days before Christmas and it took an hour to find a spot to park and they made me fold sweaters in the back with the unfortunate employees while the pretty boys stood out front and greeted patrons, shirtless.

11. If I could choose what I wanted for my last meal I would be sad to know I was dying soon--but it would be a cheeseburger and fries, preferably from JG Melon in NY.

12. I hate when I have to wake up early. If I could, I would sleep until noon every day. I love sleep. And since my alarm goes off at 6:15, it's not out of the ordinary for me to be in bed by 8:00pm.

13. I didn't know anyone named Jaclyn/Jacqueline until I went to college and lived with a Jaclyn and a Jacqueline my senior year of college.

14. I have an unhealthy obsession with all cheese. Old, new, stinky, or bleu.

15. I would love to have 15 minutes of fame just so I could be on Dancing With The Stars. I think I would win. No shit. I would want to be paired with Whitney.

16. My first job [other than working on the farm for my Dad] was at the local movie rental store--Mr. Video. I loved that job more than anything, and wish my job description was still suggesting movies to customers.

17. I have never lived in another state..Arkansas all my life. I planned to visit Ole Miss when I was in high school, but I got sick and didn't even apply--I am big believer in "signs" so I only applied to University of Arkansas.

18. I am a horrible speller, but I will go against anyone in a grammar competition.

19. I am a good cook I think. My best dish is meatballs, and I pretend I have a cooking show and talk to the camera when I cook.

20. I didn't get hair under my arms until 10th grade and I was so excited when I finally sprouted a few. Now, I wish hair only existed on my head. I hate hair.

21. If I had all the money in the world I would shave with a brand new razor every time. I would also have a Range Rover, duh.

22. If calories didn't count, I would eat a bag of Wavy Lays every day.

23. I made shirts for the Manicurist who works next door to my shop downtown last summer, and I told her it was my gift and she didn't have to pay. She insisted on giving me a pedicure for payment, and now I make her shirts all the time so I get a pedicure. It's pretty amazing--she calls it working on my "crunch" because my feet look like I never wear shoes and walk to work.

24. Yesterday was one month until I turn 30.

Friday, November 21, 2014

the one with friday's four [11.21.14]

||one|| I wish so badly I got out of school all week next week. I know, I know...cry me a river...most of y'all get Thursday and maybe Friday off, and that's all. But my friends, y'all chose your careers..Don't let me trick you into thinking I became a teacher to change the world. I became a teacher to change my world by traveling/doing whatever I want to do in the Summer. I need the days off because I am printing some Christmas-themed shirts to sell in one of my favorite person's boutique. They are from my favorite Christmas movies...

and of course my favorite....
||two|| last weekend the Hogs kind of restored my love, and for some reason I am thinking we just might beat Ole Miss...logically, it's doable because LSU beat Ole Miss and we beat LSU--actually we shut them out...so I guess we will see...you see, for Arkansas to play well all four quarters, I assume the opposing team can not have scored at all...like LSU. I know the party will be fun, regardless. And I am making my favorite game day food to take to the soiree that I could make in my sleep..thanks to Brad's mom, Mrs. Betty.
Easy Sweet Ham and SwissSliders--- 16 White Dinner Style Rolls, cut in half 24 slices Honey Ham 16 slices Swiss Cheese 1 1/2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 8 Tbsp butter, melted 1 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce 1 Tbsp poppy seeds 1/4 C brown sugar Preheat oven to 400 10 mins with foil on top and 5-10mins w/o foil. Tried it and LOVED it. #Home
||three|| if you haven't watched the winter finale of scandal, read no further. SPOILER ALERT.

so here's what I think about last night's episode.
1. I knew Rowan's gun was not loaded. I knew Olivia would pull the trigger and there would be no death. Could you just imagine knowing you have now tried to kill your Dad twice but he is unharmed? He is too good at being bad to be killed off. He will be around for a minute...

2. Fitz loves Olivia to the Moon and back. Jake loves her too, just not as much.

3. Where is she? Where did they take her? January 29 is too long to wait.

4. The music in this show is unparalleled. Shonda is a genius.

||four|| let me address some inquiries about the gift guide...

---the vineyard vine pants are not like skinny jeans just because they are slim fit--they are very generously "slim" some other pants I really like are:

I like slimmer fitting pants, but I have no ass complete with chicken legs. Bonobos is a really good fit that I happen to favor. If you live around me, they sell Bononbos at Oak Hall in Memphis..But they also do free (two day) shipping both ways.

---yes, yes, YES. The Tom Ford cologne is totally worth the money. I promise.

y'all have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

the one with another gift guide

This says "guys" but a few items can be enjoyed by the ladies...hope this helps y'all pick out a gift for your Bae. 

1. garmet dyed breaker pants || by vineyard vines--I know this says slim fit, but it's a very generous slim..most pieces by VV run fairly large to being with, but these have such a good fit. I have them in a few colors..They are something that's nice to wear to work and still be able to express a bit of style and not have to wear such snooze fest plain khaki pants.. and they last forever..

2. vintage marquee light || I have one of these and it is always a conversation starter..most of my guests are very intrigued and want to know where I got mine. I got mine a few years ago from Urban Outfitters, but I think they have stopped carrying them. This site has lots of varieties from which to choose. They are a bit pricy, but perfect for a patio/porch or inside [that's where mine is...]  

3. cobb hiking boot by FRYE|| I immediately had to have these when I saw them for the first time way back in 2010 when Shea and I went to NY. Only problem, they were sold out of my size everywhere I looked. I have [of course] already sent my Mom a Christmas list, but I quickly told her she could take everything except for Tom Ford cologne off and get these boots..

4. instagram magnets || or really anything from printstagram.. but these would be perfect for you to give to friends if you don't want to spend a fortune...I know I printed insta pics for my Nanny of the grands and she loved them..there are tons of options available. Go check it out!

5.  chambray || by J.Crew--I wear this shirt more than any other shirt I own. I wear it under sweaters, under vests, in the summer with shorts, or just on its own. Every guy should own a shirt like this, on one similar...and right now, J.Crew is having a sale--use the code SHOPNOW to get 25% off.

6. lacie USB key || DORK ALERT but this is genius. I keep a flash drive on my key ring and about once a month it come off due to wear or just doesn't look cool..these start just under 15 bucks and it's totally worth it...

7. marpac || the original sound machine. My friend, Ashley got me totally hooked on this..I used to sleep in complete silence until I dreamed I was mute the rest of my life, then I started having a fan every night...then I met this little dude. It's the best, calming noise ever, and I sleep like a little baby when this is going...

8. fossil wallet || I know a wallet seems like such a snooze fest, stereotypical gift for a dude. It is. This is certainly not going to be a showstopper, but when I tell you this is a good wallet--trust me. Since I have been carrying a wallet everyday [approximately 15 years now], I have had a fossil. The first one I got had the money clip on the outside, and it wore a hole in my jeans. So I found this one, bought it, and have had it for about 10 years. Now, if your boo is as particular as I am about certain things, you may ask him first, but tell him I recommend this.

9. sweater || by J. Crew--I have almost every sweater J. Crew makes.. I really like them all, but this one is my favorite I would say. It can be worn with jeans or chinos, with a button down shirt, with a t-shirt...I wear it more often than not with that chambray shirt..

10.Gray Mountain|| by John Grisham--this is one of his better novels he has written as of lately--this is kind of like the story of Erin Brockovitch meets Jake Brigance from A Time To Kill..It's totally worth reading.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the one with trash talk

let's talk trash...it's been a minute.

Clearly, there is someone out there for everyone since Charles Manson can find a girl to convince to marry his crazy ass. Now I know standards must be lowered to say there is someone out there for me...I have come to realize I am certainly no Ken, so to expect to find a Barbie is pretty far fetched..and this ole gal who is marring Manson is certainly not Barbie. I bet her family is so proud of her.
Elaine 'Star' Burton and Charles Manson
what a lovely engagement photo..

Solange --better known as Beyonce's sister who got in a fight with Jay Z in an elevator--got married as well. She married a 51 year old. She is 28. And the best part is that they rode bicycles to the ceremony. I guess I am confused.

While she looks super constipated, she is still hot stuff. Jessica Simpson did her best Angie impression on the carpet for the Mockingjay premier. No one has ever taught her to put her tounge in the roof of her mouth while taking a picture to keep from sticking it out/double chin..

and perhaps my favorite thing all month is this video...first of all, I may or may not sing this song every time I have some adult beverages with Mare.

and finally, my top three performances on The Voice last night were as follows:

3. Matt McAndrew, Take Me To Church--I really enjoyed this. He is #5 on the iTunes charts, which means his votes will be multiplied by 10--pretty much guaranteeing his safety.
2. Chris Jamison, Jealous--I like this when Nick Jonas sings it too..I know. I am almost 30, but it's not like I am listening to the Jonas Brothers.
1. Craig Wayne Boyd, You Look So Good In Love--I think he has a voice that will do really well on Country music radio. He is #1 on the iTunes Country Singles charts and #11 overall. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

the one about deer and hogs

I did really good all week, sticking to every rule in the Paleo lifestyle [if your version allows spark--mine does]. I went with my buddies Jay and Ashley to deer camp. I need not to remind you the term "camp" is used very loosely as I would not go in the woods with a tent and no electricity and live for a weekend...especially not since the temperature hung out around freezing all weekend. NO. Thanks.

I had wine on Friday night--food wise I did ok--some summer sausage, but I had cheese and a few crackers too. Y'all, I have this stupid easy recipe for summer sausage that is stupid good--just take the casing off the sausage, slather it in Karo syrup, and smear it with more black pepper than you think is too much--wrap it in foil, bake for 30 minutes at 400, the un uncover it and cook 10 more minutes. SO GOOD.

We had this in celebration after Jack killed a deer. Typically, I don't like to see pictures of dead animals, but Jack assured me when he shot this big guy, he died--no running away, no suffering...and they eat what they kill, so nothing is just shot to be shot..so I guess I am ok with that...It's crazy that I think that when I couldn't care less about dogs or cats or any pets...who knows?

On Saturday I woke up around 7:30 and walked in the front to find Milly watching a movie by herself and the volume was so low--she told me she didn't turn it up because she thought it would wake us up. Pretty sweet little one...She asked me had I ever seen the movie she was watching because it was so good to her--it was Remember the Titans. I told her yes, and we watched it together. 


Saturday I blew the diet big time..I had TWO diet pepsis before noon. Then cheese dip. But for dinner I did fine by eating a steak and spinach salad, but I had a baked potato.  

After dinner we turned on the Razorback game. At this point, I prepare myself to be defeated..especially when we are ahead up until the 4th quarter. So for the Razorbacks to win--against LSU--was huge for us. And for us to shut them out 17-0 was even bigger. I wish so badly I would have been at the game to rush the field...

It was a pretty good weekend, and a even better to be a hog fan!

Friday, November 14, 2014

the one with friday's four || 11|14|14

||one|| I guess I am confused why there is still a debate about global warming. We have been so lucky to see thermometer pictures of 22 degrees since we clearly don't know it's cold..and my other favorite is the snapchat [I know, I am crunchy because I have snapchat] of a random photo with the temperature included..I really do like cold weather though...It means it is close to Christmas, and I like Christmas the most. Suck it summer.

||two|| I've ordered and received my Christmas cards already. I know. But I wanted to send them out early so everyone will know my new address to be able to send me a card. Now that I got my cards in, I think they are douche canoe...but I am still using them. I ordered from Picaboo and there was a flaw with the coupon codes the day I ordered mine..the code was supposed to for 10 free cards..BUT when I entered it, it gave me all them for free. All I had to pay was $9.99 for shipping on an order that was supposed to be over $200. I know, right?? They are good cards, so if you haven't ordered yet, check them out @ www.picaboo.com

||three|| the paleo way of life has been good so far for me..I still haven't had a diet coke or cheese since Monday..so that's huge. I made chili last night for myself and to be completely honest, I missed the beans. I typically put lots of beans in my chili. I ordered this cookbook, and it has lots of good recipes for a paleo lifestyle...

||four|| happy weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the one about paleo

This is my daily food journal because I am doing something new...so just skip over if not interested. But I thought if I hold myself accountable by writing down what I eat, it I will see better results..

I am trying something new. I read an article on Yahoo yesterday about the best bodies in country music. Of course there were the normal list makers and her legs-Carrie Underwood...but I was intrigued by Tim McGraw's newly svelte/lean muscular physique. After reading about how he follows the Paleo diet, I read all about this "caveman" way of life... It's pretty simple to follow--only eat what the cavemen ate--meats, veggies, fruits...no carbs, no artificial sugar [so diet coke is out], no excessive alcohol--so that's out too, no dairy (yikes),and perhaps the hardest for me is no legumes/beans...I eat a surprisingly large amount of beans..

I have asked my parents to join me and I am so proud of them. Mom is very active, she runs and bikes quite frequently, lifts lots of heavy things like hay bales, saddles...etc..but she loves sweets more than anyone I know...Dad is another story--while watching The Voice last night, we had a come to Jesus--Mom told dad he ate too much junk, and in the very next sentence that came out of her mouth she mentioned that she bought SPAM because my Grananne (dad's mother) used to cook it for him and make sandwiches. SPAM. I nearly lost it. I felt really bad because I kind of yelled at her and pretty much blamed her for dad's eating habits because I can't remember the last time Dad went shopping for groceries, if ever. So if she wouldn't buy mega stuffed oreos, Dad wouldn't be exposed to them, leading to his eating a whole row of them. That's why I don't buy that stuff at my house...BUT--let me be clear, I am not a health machine either--my body fat percentage is way too high...I am what lots of guys call skinny fat..I don't weigh a lot, and I am a helluva lot lighter than I was in college, but I don't have nearly enough muscle tone, and all my fat hangs out around my waist..

So long story short, I asked them (for my 30th birthday--everything lately has been a request for my birthday that is still six weeks away) to get healthy. It will be an adjustment because Mom is a hell of a cook--but most of the time what tastes good, isn't necessarily the picture of health. And they kind of him hauled around and never gave me a definitive answer to if they would do this with me. I really hoped they would jump on the wagon with me, after I told them they had to drink their coffee black this morning [there is lots of discussion as to whether or not coffee is allowed, but I say yes--I can't give up Diet Coke, cheese, and coffee] I got this text from Mom and I smiled:

I told them it wouldn't be that hard to follow, so hopefully we will all stick to it for at least 21 days..that is the time it takes to break a habit and also lots of blogs I have read says you will see results...I am not necessarily interested in losing weight, but more cleansing and trying to lower blood pressure and I even read one success story about eliminating rosacea.

Today for breakfast I had a black coffee [I have never taken cream or sugar in mine], boiled egg and a super delicious Honeycrisp apple [sans my normal slathering of peanut butter]...for lunch I plan on a big salad with roasted chicken.

One question though--I think Mama Laughlin will know the answer--is Spark considered "clean??" I need something to replace my afternoon DC.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the one with a Q+A

||gift guide||
I have had lots of feedback from the gift guide I posted yesterday, and I am glad y'all found it helpful. When I posted the link on Facebook and said "y'all could buy these for me..." I was just kidding--I didn't mean to be asking for gifts...and while I appreciate your generous offers of gently used items [Allyn], I was just suggesting gift for you to buy for people you normally buy for...not me! But thanks to everyone who offered!

||WHAT?!?! you're turning 30?? Will there be a party?||
I know it's hard to believe, but I will move up a decade in December. I refuse to admit it. When I still get carded, I consider it just fine to say I am still 29. As for a party, I don't know..My birthday is the day before Christmas, so typically Santa Clause is the only attendee. We will see though...#forever29 

||how did you make the graphic with all the gifts||
--I simply copied images in to paint and placed them accordingly..you have to select "transparent selection" so it doesn't have a white box around it.. To get that graphic together of all the items kind of makes me crazy because I am a touch OCD about that kind of stuff.

||is your blog header new||
the old header got a simplified make under. I have been in a very minimalistic mindset as of late, and I thought the life of jake should embrace that as well. How did y'all like the gift guide yesterday? I have quite a few more ideas that will come next week.

||what are you reading after Gone Girl||
As you will remember, I really enjoyed Gone Girl (the book) and was hesitant to start a new book because I knew it wouldn't be as good. I found one that is totally different, but almost as good. I am reading Gray Mountain by John Grisham. It kind of makes me think of the Erin Brockovitch story..you all should give it a try.

||what did you think about SNL||
To any of my peeps out there who still pretend to be 21 and watch/DVR Saturday Night Live, let's talk about how horrible Chris Rock and the whole episode was last weekend..What a miserable failure. There was one bit they did about Taylor Swift and it hit a little too close to home..It was all about suddenly really liking her new album. I listen to iTunes Radio at work since they have managed to block every single music site. That song Out of the Woods is pretty damn good. I hate Shake it Off, but some of the others are so tolerable that I have learned the words and [gasp] considered downloading. What?? I know.

||what are your predictions for the CMAs||
The CMAs will be on ABC tomorrow night and I really look forward to this show every year. Plus, this year they come on the night before my fall break starts, so I can watch in real-time and not have to wake up the following morning to finish..if I stay up past about 9:40 I have to call in sick the next day... Here are some of my predictions:

Entertainer of the Year: Luke Bryan or Miranda Lambert--Luke seems to be loosing some of his luster... Miranda is on fire..Kind of a toss up.

Female Vocalist: Miranda Lambert

Male Vocalist: Blake Shelton--if he wins he will tie Vince Gill for the most in this category

Vocal Duo: Florida Georgia Line--everything they are nominated for the will more than likely win

Vocal Group:toss up. Little Big Town is the most talented by FAR, Lady A has a new album that is pretty good...or it could go to The Band Perry

Single of the Year: Automatic, Miranda or Drunk on a Plane

Just wait until next year, Garth will definitely take home Entertainer of the Year...
[just fair warning, I will mention Garth Brooks in every post from now until further notice.]

Monday, November 3, 2014

the one with a [2014] gift guide

Since it's getting close to the most wonderful time of the year, I decided I would go ahead and post a gift guide that includes some of my favorite things of 2014 so far.. By the way, Christmas is just 52 days away. I know.

 1. lacquer tray (or everything from) mark+graham--I have this tray in orange thanks to my awesome cousin Marilyn (and Bill). I really love all the colors, but of course orange is my favorite. I have my coffee maker and coffee sitting on mine and it's nice to see something so bright early in the morning, as my eyes are only about 1/4 of the way open...

2. monogrammed doormat from Pottery Barn--I actually do not have this, but it's on my list. Too bad none of my friends read my blog because this would make a good Christmas Present...just saying..

3. Garth. If you could ever get in with Ticketmaster, treat yourself and a guest to see his show. I am going on December 6 to see him in St. Louis and by some twist of fate, I got some pretty pimp seats. The very next weekend, he is coming to LITTLE ROCK, so of course I will try my hardest to get tickets to that show as well..I promise you, anyone who likes music at all will like Garth--I have been a fan since I saw him in the 5th grade.

4. SPIbelt--my mom bought one of these little handy dandy fannie packs and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread..I borrow her pack to use when I go for a run. I don't have anything but my iPod, but this beats the hell out of sticking it down my shorts, causing road rash on my hip and making my phone all sweaty.. you could also include your keys, wallet, a taser since I am apparently dog food..no lie, I get chased by dogs quite frequently..

5.Leadville Vest by Marmot--because my list would not be complete if it didn't include a vest...I love a vest and I wear one from the end of October to April..Marmot is a favorite of mine..basically because I have everything Patagonia offers...This is a good all around, everyday vest...

6. Oud Wood OR Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford--ok so here's the deal. I know this is super expensive cologne..I need not to convince you to pay a small fortune for this because now since I have a mortgage, I will not pay that either..I got Tuscan Leather in NY last year and I got a sample of Oud Wood. I ran out of both and just settled on the fact that I would not smell delicious anymore. WRONG. You can buy samples on Amazon. When I tell you EVERY single time I wear this, I get at least one compliment, I am not lying.. It really smells that good. Since I know most of my readers are gals, y'all go get some of this for your Boo. Seriously.

7. Diamond Quilt Pullover by Patagonia because everyone needs a good pullover..This one is great (even though I don't have this in a size Medium), I just know it!

8. vintage wood block rubber stamp from The Stationery Studio--I have this and I really like it. I like the old-school vibe it gives..and you have to actually use a stamp pad like they did all the way back in the 1900s. I bought a black ink pad for everyday use and a red for Christmastime.

9. Bose SoundLink mini bluetooth speaker--this is the next best thing since bread featured slices..If your memory serves you correctly, I almost included a bluetooth speaker on one of last year's gift guides. It was not the mini version, and it wasn't as good as this one...now don't go thinking I just buy the newest thing because I want to...I had to buy this because I had the larger version until the last day my tile guy was at my house...isn't that mysterious...

10.Blame It All On My Roots- this is exclusively at Wal-Mart--if you can't see him live, this is a good alternative. I bought this last year and I listen to it all the time..There are so many covers of songs that are so good...Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay,

Friday, October 31, 2014

the one with friday's four || halloween 2014

|one| so this week I have been crazy. The week started out on Monday (duh) and it was just that. But I have decided I need to do some physical activity because [a] I have put on a few pounds since my last doctor's visit (which was just 30 days ago) [b] I am convinced I sleep better when I run and [c] I am more regular. So I did run--I only made it 2 miles before I stopped. Then on Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, a doctor's appointment, and Halloween carnival that night. All in different zip codes. Seriously I almost used an entire tank of gas. At the carnival, one of my students [who is epileptic] was a zombie in the haunted house WITH STROBE LIGHTS, had a seizure. That's right. And guess who was not in that building because he was wearing another one of his 12 hats? Yours truly. I was so mad because I told them not to start back with the house until I got back. So I got yelled at by the principal and nearly lost it. Whatever. I am past that and the girl is fine.

|two| since I started running again, I obviously had to get new running shoes. I have only heard good things about HOKA shoes. So I am giving them a try. I am super brand loyal to asics, and I am going on a limb to try something new. Any of y'all a fan of HOKA??
|three| I am almost finished with my first gift guide for this year. I like to put them together, and I hope y'all find them useful. The first one features a few home goods, a couple of my favorite things, and a vest-duh. Until I post it, you can fancy yourselves with some of the previous lists HERE. I also do these for myself and I don't know why because anyone who buys a gift for me doesn't read my blog..I know..not even my mom...unless she happens to read and spot a swear word and scold me for saying nasty words..I told her they are sentence enhancers....

|four| So you know it's not a post as of late if I don't mention Garth [also part of the gift guide]. The weekend after the show I am going to [six hours away] he is doing two shows in Little Rock [one point five hours away]. So of course I am trying for tickets for that show too. I would go to every show if I had plenty of money and no mortgage. I looked at tickets for the show tonight in Lexington, KY and there are two seats in an awesome section available..If I were there, I would snatch those up in a heartbeat..

|four B| I have only been to St. Louis on church trips and one with my friend Shea as we were passing through on our way to Chicago. We ate at Eleven Eleven Mississippi and we loved it. But I need a a couple of new choices for fun dining spots Downtown since that is where we will be and don't have a car--I guess we could cab it if necessary...So, Holly or Chris or any others St. Louies, I need a suggestion. GO!

Monday, October 27, 2014

the one about garth tickets

I got tickets to Garth Brooks in St. Louis. 

Not just average tickets. Tickets in section 101.

I'm sorry, is this real??

There are already tickets listed on Stubhub in nearby sections that START AT $491 and go up to $800, EACH. I bought mince from Ticketmaster for face value, $56 plus tax--so $140 for both.

I could only get 2 tickets, so obviously I am taking my brother who is just as much a Garth fan as I am. I am not sure I have mentioned it or not, but Garth Brooks was my very first concert. I was in the 5th grade, and have been one of his biggest fans since that night...

I really like every song he does, and there are a few unexpected songs on my top ten list:

10. The River
9. Rodeo
8. That Summer
7. Shameless
6. That Girl Is A Cowboy
5. Your Song
4. She's Every Woman
3. If Tomorrow Never Comes
2. Unanswered Prayers
1. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

....in other news, last week was Homecoming week at school and I channeled my inner Zach Morris yesterday for #throwbackthursday by wearing a (very early 90s shade of teal) shirt featuring the one and only Kelly Kapowski. I also wore acid wash (drawstring/stretch) jeans. I had more gel in my hair than four teens from Jersey, combined.

...and I went to a wedding on Saturday...I know right, I have lots of weddings.. this is my bro and my cousin and me. I told Matthew if he needed a ride, call me. I guess he thought I would still be awake at 4:16 AM when he called to see if I would unlock my door...I guess for an after party because Mom and Dad were asleep at his failure to launch crib. 

hope y'all have a good week...

Friday, October 17, 2014

the one with a gone girl review

I went to see Gone Girl last night, and I was disappointed. Not to sound like that old tired saying "the book is always better...", but in this case, that is so the case. Catching Fire the movie was better than the book to me...The Notebook was better than the book...

Let me explain why I think this....

(oh, and for the 12 people in America who still haven't read the book, but go to see the movie, you need to atleast read the cliff notes because otherwise you will leave the theater kind of puzzled...)


|one| In the book, Amy's diary entries make the reader believe she was really in to Nick when she first met him. Their meet cute in the book was just better. In the movie, she sounds super sarcastic when she writes, kind of like she doesn't mean what she is saying and knows all along she is going to do what she did...

|two| parts that were left out that I missed:

--More of Nick and his mistress, Andi. She played such a big part in the book--so much so that I gasped a little. In the movie, they didn't go to her place ever...and a very crucial part was omitted--when she goes to Go's house for the second time. That is when he tells her he must cut off all communication with her--then she bites him on the face and he claims he has broken out with hives. Totally left out of the movie.

--The blogger who gets Nick (when he is almost drunk) to do a video of why he misses Amy (at a different bar--not The Bar), and that's the one she sees and even makes mention of his hives...Not the Sharon show Nick was prepped for by Tanner's (his lawyer who is white in the book with a black wife that Nick is surprised by) wife--there was no such character in the movie.

--The fishing trip with the guy from Amy's hiding spot..Also the lady who worked the front desk had a bigger part (or even one at all)..

--Desi Colling's visit by Nick. He didn't go inside his house, his mother (who was so perfectly passive aggressive and I loved) was not in the movie...I also think the casting director did not pick a good person for Desi's role..I like Neil Patrick Harris a lot, but he isn't Desi.

--"I would love you even if...." Margo and Nick played this game as kids..

--Amy going to the Plasma bank with Nick's mom, revealing her "fear" of needles and blood...so then when she turns up pregnant by using her neighbor's pee it's more convincing because she explains why she didn't do a blood test...

Overall, I really liked the book--I give it an A. The movie, on the other hand, was not complete to me. There were too many crucial details left out. I give the movie a C-.

Oh, and don't go see it because of Ben Affleck's full frontal hype--I hardly call that "full frontal" I actually didn't see anything...burn.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the one with so what wednesday [october 15]

that I am literally kissing any sort of social life away because all I do is work. I literally (and I am one of those who HATE when someone uses "literally" incorrectly....ie--I am LITERALLY sweating my ass off...oh really, because unless you look like me and feature a back that goes straight to leg and haven't an ass, then no...you have not literally sweated your ass off--and I didn't sweat mine off...I'm just that white.) work 12 hour days. I am beginning to think it's not so much a side job anymore. I really do love being creative and designing shirts, but geez...I guess there isn't many other options when I got bills to pay...so it's good I guess...

that I am a little bit too excited about Homecoming spirit week at school..but to be fair I have always been overly enthusiastic about functions where I get to be silly (this pairing with my unhealthy obsession with school supplies confirms my choice of career...because as a teacher I not only get to by school supplies, but I get to buy them with someone else's cash...). This year we are having a Pirates and Princesses day--I'll just dust off my Jack Sparrow costume from a few years ago; Messy vs. Fancy day--the students wanted this to be "Rachet" and Fancy day, but since they don't realize the word rachet doesn't exist--unless you are talking about the tool--and that it comes from the word wretched. Pink Out Day for Breast Cancer awareness is Wednesday, and then my favorite is #throwbackThursday.. I am throwing it back to late 80s/early 90s. I have ordered my attire, and plan on being mistaken for Zach Morris because this is it:

**do you all know these pants are for real for sale to be serious?? They are called "acid wash joggers"

that my best friend had tickets for us to see Pearl Jam last night and because I didn't answer LAST WEEK when she called, she assumed I was shading out and didn't want to go SO SHE SOLD THEM on stubhub. Then she told me we could get seats still, but they are in the nosebleed section. I told her that is so pedestrian to sit somewhere other than a box or club level, so nothankyou. She didn't want to sit in Heaven either, she just wanted to go and felt bad..but turns out, it was ok, because of course I had t-shirts to work on...I told her I am damn near 30 and I am not shady anymore...most of the time..haha. So I listened to Eddie on my iPod and pretended...

that I am obsessed with concerts and I am so scared I will not be able to get tickets to see Garth Brooks anywhere....The tickets sell out like crazy--in all the good seats--and I just can't get through to order...I am just confused why I don't have an assistant to do that waiting around and refreshing the page all giddy like a little Japanese school girl waiting for the new Hello Kitty store to open... Garth or Trisha...if you are reading (which I am sure you are, duh) help a brother out...or I know someone who has a little music connection that could help me out...

that I think this season's voice judges are better to me that any combination in the past seasons..Pharrell is just stupid talented.. Gwen is super rad as she would say--which I have totally caught myself saying that now---and of course Adam and Blake are a given...I did hear that Christina has been confirmed for next season to replace Gwen...that's ok with me I guess, even though X-tina is super narcissistic...but hey, so is someone else I know...and she sounds like an angel from Heaven when she sings...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the one about road work

This weekend recap will be pretty boring since I did nothing exciting other than think the Hogs just might beat Bama. There were so many chances...But to only be beat by one point is tremendously better than I would have ever guessed...verdict: Bama is overrated and Arkansas is underrated. Duh. I know one thing--it's a good day to be a fan of Mississippi football. State is ranked number one and Ole Miss is #3. I just hope the Hogs get a taste of that medicine...

I paused reading my book to watch the game. I read Gone Girl. I was hesitant, but after a glowing recommendation from Fallon, I had to give it a shot. Not to ruin for y'all, but these are my thoughts on the book:

1. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I like how the story is told in first person from both Amy and Nick. 
2. [Some] women are completely nuts...especially Amy Dunne.
3. The ending pissed me off.

I am too vested not to see the movie. I googled the cast so I would have the correct vision in my head of what each person looked like.. I pretty much agree with the casting--except Tanner Bolt--Nick's legal adviser..In the book he is described as "overly spray tanned" and in the movie he is played by Tyler Perry who is definitely not pasty, but is more than just spray tanned...his color doesn't wash off..

Finally, I have a complaint. Imagine....

As if it isn't annoying enough to be late for work due to construction, even more annoying is sitting still waiting for a mile of traffic to come through one lane on a Friday afternoon on my way home.. I have made quite a friend with the guy in charge of the double-sided stop/slow sign... On Thursdays I have early morning dooooodie. Yes I know, even though I have "more degrees than a thermometer" according to some in my family, I still have to make sure tomorrow's leaders don't run out in front of a bus. Morning Duty means I need to leave my house by 6:55 to make it to school on time without driving like Jimmie Johnson...Of course I never leave home until 7:05 leading to my sucking the paint off vehicles I pass in a complete blur.

Last Thursday I was the first one in line to wait for the mile of traffic to pass in the only open lane. I sat there for (not even kidding) SIX minutes--almost seven. So what did I do to my "friend" with the stop/slow sign in his hand? I put my car in neutral and revved up my engine letting him know I needed to GO. He looked at me like I had horns, and didn't flip the sign around until the last car was damn near a mile down the road. I waive nicely now so he will not make me wait so long.

until next time...

Monday, October 6, 2014

the one with a weekend recap

hey y'all- So this weekend was a really good one for me. I started my weekend on Thursday at 3:30 because I took off of work on Friday. It was a good day to take off because the weather was awesome.. I spent most of the day indoors though because I had stuff to do around my house that I have needed to do since June. My bedroom is almost complete thanks to my friend, Shea and her mad sewing skills. She finished these back in June, but I just got around to hanging them..

They are a little wrinkled, but to expect me to use a steamer that A) I don't have and B) don't care because the wrinkles (like every other imperfection in my house) "add character..."

Friday night was rehearsal dinner for my lifelong neighbor, Greg and his bride Chelsea--fun fact: she is the one who I made shirts for the bachelorette party and misspelled bachelorette. Of course I was photo happy and some were on insta...

all of the Gerrard kids who were there: Conner, Sarah, Matthew and me

my family...

I love this...this is my brother, Matthew telling Greg the groom who knows what...

and then Saturday night the wedding happened--that I missed because I was too far invested in the Ole Miss/Alabama game after having watched coverage for about 7 hours.... But I did go to the reception and it was hella fun.

Ashley and me...

high school buddies, Allison and Kelly

my family again...we are very rarely in the same place at the same time, especially dressed...

Matthew's teeth and me


the neighborhood kids, and Jake's squinty eyes.

 On the dance floor...

I typically do not get embarrassed.  It takes a lot. But Saturday night, I wanted to tuck my head and leave. This is a pic of me dancing my Mom--the person who passed down the gift of rhythm and mad dance skills...my dad and brother have to watch someone else clap to catch a beat...So we were grooving pretty good, and at the end of the song, I always dip her...So this dance floor was so slick...people told me...I danced and was fine...Mom was wearing new shoes, not scuffed...you can imagine...I felt like Chandler at his wedding reception when the floor was slick...She and I both fell ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND. I felt like such a loser. We were fine and both popped back up, but sweet Jesus I was ashamed.

I didn't leave the reception until the lights came on at 2AM. I love a good band..So yesterday I took a really long nap and went to be for the night at 8:15.

until next time...