Monday, November 18, 2013

the one about breaking bad

Hi guys...Justin Timberlake is tonight, and I still do not have tickets. That may or may not change, depending on how irrational I feel in the coming hours..I tend to be more rational on Mondays...We shall see.

I don't know that I would consider it to be irrational, but I did nothing productive this weekend other than start Breaking Bad on Netflix. One of my buddies has been nonstop taking about how it's "better than 24..." I didn't believe him. After so much, I decided to break down and watch. I was five hours in before I even checked up. It's that good. He sent a text later to ask if I had peed all day. It does that, I swear. I have to make it last because I don't know what I will do when it is over...And Walt is a clone of the old chemistry teacher at my school. Now I have to wonder if he retired from teaching and has recruited some of the bay bay alumni to produce the purest Crystal around...I kid..

Also, Nina from The Nina Show and I have swapped buttons..She is great! Y'all need to visit her in the event you are the last person in BlogLand that has not visited her page. She is awesome! Go see her!
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until next time...


  1. I have tickets for tomorrow night! He will be in the STL. I am so excited, but I am in nose bleed. I was too cheap to pay for good seats :)

  2. NO WAY is breaking bad better than 24!