Thursday, November 7, 2013

the one about the CMAs

So here's my take on the CMAs last night:

--Carrie seemed a little jaded I guess by the honor of being named host again. It's like she had an off night to me. For starters, her stylist should be fired. I don't know if she likes looking cheap, or she wants to explore all that is out there for her to try, or she just wants to end up on the worst dressed list. Her red carpet look was good, but other than that, she missed the mark. I also have a sneaky suspicion that she just may be preggs. Her legs always look so good. They still looked good last night, and that very well could be just more muscle, as she does have very muscular legs anyway.

Also her vocals seemed a bit off too. I think she tried to rush her "mashup" and I couldln't get into it..
this look was good.
--When in the world is Taylor Swift going to just sit down and watch an awards show? She looks like and absolute idiot when she is the only one standing up dancing [with not much rhythm]. And also, this horrible hair she has been sporting as of late doesn't help her in any way. If I were her, I would embrace my naturally curly hair, grow out those atrocious bangs, and for God's sake COLOR YOUR HAIR. That mousy, dookie, dull hair is so bad...just go back to this, and it would make you a whole lot easier to deal with...

I like that George Strait won Entertainer of the Year. I think he is an amazing country artist, but not so much an entertainer. If you have ever been to one of his shows, you know he doesn't necessarily twerk or do the stanky leg...He pretty much plays guitar and sings his amazing songs...Like Amarillo By Morning [my all-time favorite]
I love that Luke sang this song [Drink A Beer] in memory of his siblings he lost. I can't imagine loosing one brother, much less a brother and a sister. I think Luke is a really good guy.

his pants are ALWAYS pulled up too high

I am also glad Kacey Musgraves won for best new artist...She seems like a real girl. I think she has a big future....

Overall, this year's show was a bit sleepy to me. I think Carrie and Brad are good, but they may have become tired..I think it would be a good idea to let Tim and Faith give it a try....The other awards were predictable Female/Male Vocalist [Miranda and Blake]--even though I think the Male vocalist of the Year should go to the most underrated country star--Chris Young. He is so good to me...

until next time...


  1. SICK of Taylor... someone put her on a shelf for a few years please..

    1. perhaps she could be the "elf on the shelf"

  2. Tim looked better before he quit drinking. and those pants... dont get me started.
    LB and Mr Church were the main reason I tuned in and they made it worth it! :)

  3. Taylor is such a ding bat...her face was completely blank after the ObamaCare joke they told! And yes hair hair is just awful these days... And I really like Kacey Musgraves, but I've heard some bad things about her!! Like how unpleasant she is during an interview, and when Miranda won Female Vocalist and the camera went to Kacey, her face looked pissssssssed!! I like her music..a lot, but apparently her attitude sucks!

  4. taylor makes me gag. does she pay the camera people an extra 10gs every time they zoom in on her? no matter what channel or the award show, TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR. oh look, shes dancing again! spare me.
    and YES to faith n tim!!

  5. I wasn't able to watch the CMA's this year :( But thanks for the recap. I always thought Carrie dressed so well, but WOW! I wonder if your prediction is correct? But really, if she is preggo, you can still wear cute clothes to cover it up.

  6. Pretty sure we could be great friends in real life! "Amarillo by Morning" is my all-time favorite song too :) I watched about 5 minutes of the CMA's (not a country fan) and between that atrocious pink thing Carrie had on and some guy in orange skinnies I realized I much prefer the weirdness of Lady Gaga and my trashy pop music. At least it has always been that way not fallen into a complete state of utter ugh...

  7. Oh I love Taylor. Sorry sue me. The high pants on Tim. Ewe!!! And I had the same feeling about Carrie, or maybe she just are too many carbs.