Monday, November 11, 2013

the one about my weekend

This weekend was too much. This best sums up what I should have said more often than I did, and what I did say yesterday when I heard any noise, thought of trying to get out of bed, or simply just tried to make a thought at all...

To say I had too much fun is an understatement. Also, to say I am exhausted today is an understatement. 

Friday night I was planning on a low-key night. We all know what happens when we plan that. It turns out to be extra rowdy. I stayed out too late. So when my alarm went off at 6:30 on Saturday, I don't even think I heard it. I think I finally crawled out of bed at 7:00. I had to go to the grocery to get supplies for the day. I planned to make individual breakfast casseroles...except I dropped the whole dozen eggs and they cracked. I was outside...I also bought cinnamon rolls to cook...but who knew they take 30 minutes--that I didn't have. I got ready in record time, with no food for the ride. We left town at 9:00. We were supposed to leave at 7:45.

We made it to Oxford about 4 minutes before kickoff, but didn't make it into the game until 1 minute before halftime.

I did manage to take a few pictures...I think they are on Insta.

As if a day in The Grove weren't enough, I went to one of my co-worker's birthday party. It was cowboy themed, and I got there around 9:30. The crowd had thinned, but that didn't stop me from the two things that are guaranteed to give me the bad head the next morning before I ever go to bed--keg Bud Light and tequila.  Ouch. Yesterday I only went vertical when I went for lunch at Sonic at 2:00 and then again for Chinese take-out for dinner.

I am going to bed at 6:30 tonight.

until next time...


  1. Too much weekend fun for me, meant I called in today for a "mental health" day. :)

  2. I feel your pain...I read Sycamore Row yesterday while nursing a hangover of my own. Thanks for the heads up on the book, it was fantastic.

  3. Ewwww. That doesn't sound good.