Monday, November 25, 2013

the one that's a month before CHRISTMAS

What a weekend. It was so chill. I went out to the middle of nowhere with my friends to their hunting cabin. When I say "hunting cabin", don't think we roughed it...we didn't at all. I like to go there with them to get away and get to wear ear plugs when I sleep and not have to worry about an intruder coming to kill me. I love when I get to wear ear plugs. They really block out ALL much so that I slept until 10:00 on Saturday morning. I haven't slept that late in a long time.

Homeland is getting really good again and it's about time. I hope they writers know that we are super interested in Carrie and Brody's relationship. It is what drives the show. I am glad he is finally back after about a 5 episode absence. If you don't watch Homeland, I am not sure we could even be friends. It's up there with shows like 24, Breaking Bad, and Friends.

Speaking of Friends, does anyone else think Phoebe Buffet is so out of place on such a serious show as Scandal. I swear that is all I can think about when I see "Josie" is Phoebe in the "The One That Could've Been." I like that one of my Friends is on network TV again, but she will forever and always be Phoebe. On her show Web Therapy, she is a whole lot more like Phoebe and I love her on that.

This is like my Thursday as I am out of school Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday [other than Christmas, ya filthy animal]. Mainly because of the food. My mom is the best cook in all the land...and I am a little shocked that she asked me to bring a dish again. The last time I made a dish, she asked me if I "forgot to add salt" and if I used "her brand." That's always fun to discuss at the dinner table....

until next time...

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  1. Okay, I will watch "Homeland" it's been on my to watch list for a while now.