Friday, November 8, 2013

the one with friday's four [november eighth]

Happy Friday, y'all. I am so glad it's Friday.

So apparently my little blog is more than just a little blog, and people read it that I would never imagine would read it. I think people think I am going to "put them on blast" as my students would say...So they read it to make sure I am not like Perez Hilton of TMZ. I don't necessarily air anyone's dirty laundry on my blog. I don't really care. I would never do that.

So to address a rumor about the infamous "deleted post" that has been brought to my attention was not about anyone I know...It was about Miss America, and I made an offensive comment[s] about her [ethnic] background. She is American, and I am sure she will be a good Miss America.

The post was not about you. Or your family. Or your friend. SO there. Happy?

Now on with Friday's Four.

[one] My boys got beat last night. Here at my school, Football is a subject. Football is big. Up until last night, they had only lost one game. Last night they played a team that hasn't been beat this year. I don't know that we have ever beat them. They are a good team. But here's the deal: We were ahead [20-17] up until the final minutes of the game. After we stopped them from getting the final first down [fourth and 2] after making their way down the field ten yards at a time...So we had the ball. We fumbled the ball. The other team scooped it up and ran for a touch down. So then it was 24-17. We made it all the way to the 15 yard line and never scored. I felt sorry for them, but they played an excellent game. Our loss is my gain...the first round of playoffs will be away, so the team will leave about 10AM next Friday...

[two] Speaking of Football, tomorrow the Hogs are playing in Oxford. Need I remind you that Ole Miss beat LSU? They will slay us. It's a good thing I really only go to tailgate in The Grove. Our driver will take us, drop us off at the tailgate, park our vehicle, and bring all the coolers. Not too shabby for Jake. If I am able, I will stop by one of my teacher friend's 60th birthday celebration. So I have a big day tomorrow. Kelly is coming to spend the night with me tonight as we are leaving town at 7:30 in the morning...I know..The game is at 11:30 but we need ample time to tailgate....

[three] I posted this picture on Insta yesterday, and I got some requests to put them in different locations. If you know of an awesome place [in Arkansas] that you think they will do well, let me know and I will get you some info on #naturallystated. In addition to these, I think the Comfort Colors Hoodies will do well too. They are really comfortable. Also, I have a whole lot of merchandise that I need to get rid of...Tanks galore, so I am thinking of having a "trunk show" kind of deal in the next couple of weeks...everything will be half price that is out of season...


I am pretty happy with The Voice teams. I completely agree with Blake's team, Christina's team, and Adam's team..I couldn't care less about Ceelo's team.

Also I watched The X Factor and it was surprisingly good. Simon created this team of Country boys and I think they will win. There is this one girl who sounds just like Amy Winehouse that may got he distance as well...

I have to admit that I love The Shahs of Sunset. It started on Monday and I love it. They are so delusional, but so am I sometimes... MJ is a train wreck, GG is cray, and Asa is super out there...she makes "diamond water" and wears clothes that looks like she robbed Lady Gaga's closet. Reza is actually pretty ok. Mike is the most normal--except that he has his teeth whitened every month.

I watch too much trash, I know. But I do read trash too. I am currently reading Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly and everyone should read it. Christian will love it, and people who just like history will too. It's factual and graphic and real. Give it a shot. Also, if you still haven't trad Sycamore Row by Grisham--DO IT NOW. It's so good!

peace out.

until next time...


  1. Happy Friday Jake! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Love your blog!!! Keeps me laughing with every post! All the way in Indiana. :)

    1. Thanks! Glad you like...all the way in Indiana! Have a good weekend!

  3. Jake- I need one of those hoodies... what colors and how much?? What is shipping? I live in Fayetteville... you coming this way anytime soon. Ha LOL! But seriously of price and colors.