Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the one with a gift guide

Since the gift guides last year seemed to be popular, I decided I would help out again this year with another round of gifts I would love to have, and think most guys would like them too! To see the guides from last year, check them out here and here and here! Guys tend to be hard to buy gifts for, including myself..Hopefully this will get you started until next week when I do gifts under $50.00. Some of these items are definitely not average, and some are super reasonable..These are just MY personal favorites. We will start here, and I will do another one soon!

1. Ray Ban Wayfarers--these shades are just about perfect for anyone, guys and girls alike. They add just a touch of preppy, and a whole lot of style. They can be dressed up or down. I personally prefer the tortoise [shown above], but they come in a huge variety of colors. They also come in a polarized version that is a little more expensive, but totally worth it...

2. Tie Bar-- This is always featured in GQ. They have really good ties and pocket squares [a should be staple for all guys to complete his look] for really inexpensive prices--like $15. You should definitely check them out!

3. Tovolo Sphere Ice Mold--these are so cool. They make really big ice spheres that help keep your drink from watering down! They also make a giant cube version as well.

4. Mambo--while I am a Tom Ford fan til the end, I love Mambo. I have been wearing this since I was in the 10th grade. It is a really good, everyday cologne that is super fresh. It is good for work or play or even night. One spritz lasts all day. I heard it was being discontinued, but I can find it on Amazon and it's also in Wal-Mart. I know that sounds crunchy, but it's good. Trust me!

5. Burberry-- I just had to do it. And let me tell you a little secret: I got this coat for half price at Saks. There is a sale going on right now if you are a Saks card holder. I wasn't. I opened an account [simply for this reason, it was a no-brainer--I am usually against any type of store card] and was able to get 40% off for the pre-sale, and an additional 10% for opening a card. So I got this for HALF PRICE. Not too shabby for Jake.

6. J. Crew Duffel--This is my go to overnight bag. It's cool and functional and super light. There is actually an entire collection. I have the dopp kit too.

7. Homeland--while this season has not been as good as the first two, I know it will get better. You all know how much I love Friends, right? This is right up there with Friends and Mama's Family and 24. To be compared, 24 is similar, but Homeland is like CRACK. I watched the whole first and second seasons in one weekend. Everyone LOVES this. Do yourself a favor and get an extra set for yourself--you won't be sorry, but set aside time to finish the whole thing--there's no stopping once you start.

8. TOM FORD--I will tell you as the young man at the Tom Ford counter said--"Don't wear this out with someone you are just friends with and expect to wake up the next morning as 'just friends' because she will not be able to control herself, I promise." And the fact that Justin Timberlake wears it is enough for me...

9. Frye--I love Frye boots. I don't have these yet, but I think I will purchase them soon. They can be worn any time. Also, they look really cool if you swap out the laces for a colored pair--like red or orange.

10. J. Crew 484 Fit. I love J. Crew, that is no secret. These pants are the best fit [for me]. They are a little slimmer in the legs, and are not boot cut. I think bootcut is so last season by the way. The biggest mistake most men make is wearing clothes that do not fit properly. Pants that are too long are worse than pants that are too short. As a matter of fact, I like for my pants to hit right at the ankle to show my Frye boots! And don't be afraid to sport a cool pair of socks like these!

11. Garden and Gun--best magazine, hands down. It contains everything from style to recipes to events in the South...There is something for everyone!

I hope this helps! Feel free to email me with any questions you may have of if you need additional help at jake.gerrard@gmail.com--Happy Shopping!

until next time...


  1. Good to know! Love the Friends reference in there. "Not too shabby for Rachel"

    1. I do that so much I don't even realize it....
      "Mrs. Gellar...why you cry?? Hell I was in Greece..."
      one of my favorites...

    2. Just a sign of a true Friends fan. I love all the Greek references they made in the series, probably because I'm Greek. I'm convinced that if I go back far enough in my family tree, I could find some relationship to Jennifer Aniston. My life would be complete.

  2. Hey Jake! We bought those ice molds from Williams and Sonoma and they rock! I totally dig sipping a whiskey with that big ball of ice. Esther Norine Designs