Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the one with trash talk [november20]

Hi y'all! Let's talk trash, shall we? Oh, and BTW, I read that "y'all" is one of the most welcoming and popular phrases among the citizens in the US. It makes one appear very approachable..I agree. I love it, and I love being in style. So, y'all...without further adieu...

---Gaga on SNL. I thought she was genius. I really liked how she totally made fun of herself in multiple sketches. I really loved the Kimye sketch...I love when SNL does the Kardashians. But truly, Gaga is so talented. Even her monologue was amazing. While she is as eccentric as the day is long, she is good. And showing that she really is not an alien makes me like her even more. Go Gaga.

---Since I think Ray Boudreaux should win The Voice, that probably means that he will be voted off soon. He did Ray Lamontagne's You Are The Best Thing, and I may be a little partial, but I really like Lamontagne. I have always liked Boudreaux. I also really, REALLY like Matthew Schuler [who is till #13 with LAST week's performance on the iTunes charts].

---I watched more Breaking Bad yesterday when I got home from school. My name is Jake and I have addiction...but at least it's not to Crystal Meth. I could literally not eat because I am so caught up in it. Which would not be all that bad because I bought a new suit for Shea's wedding, and I will not be allowed any carbs to fit in the pants. The jacket is fine, but the suit is from the "Slim Shop" at Bonobos, and they are kind of snug. But, much better to have it snug [fit] than to look like I am playing dress up in my Dad's closet--which is why I had to buy a new suit. I had one made while I was working in Hong Kong, and it was right when I was out of college and I weighed 202 pounds. So it is very ill-fitting now.

---How is Bill Engvall still on DWTS? I know, I told you I watch everything. Last night I watched and Maksim Chmerkovski was a guest judge and this is what I noted: He still loves Karina. He is secretly jealous of Derek hence the reason he was the only one that didn't give him and Amber a 10. JMO.

---So "selfie" is word of the year. I hate the word. I hate them. Even worse than a still shot is a selfie video. Gotta love instagram....No, really I don't. Since Video Killed the Instagram Star, I haven't liked it as much.. I hate when I am scrolling through what used to be a silent app, and a video starts playing and everyone looks at me because I forgot to put it on silent.

---Oh, and Home Alone is 22 years old this year. TWENTY TWO. I probably watch it 22 times a year. And that's not limited to the Holiday season. I love Kevin McAlister. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals....

until next time...


  1. Haha I totally feel ya on the Instagram video thing-- I feel like even when my phone is on silent those damn videos will play on full volume! I can't ever get them to pause!

  2. so glad im not the only one who loves gaga! a girl i grew up dancing with is her choreo and she is ALWAYS posting pics of her and gaga hanging out. i am slightly jelly. and i hope ray doesn't get voted off soon!

  3. So I was a Gaga hater for a while....and then this new album came out and damn it I've already used three of the songs for my Spin Class playlists.

  4. Has anyone seen a slice of plain cheese???
    Yeah I did...but if you want it, I am going to have to barf it all up...because it's GONE!

    Home Alone is the best!


  5. 22 that is crazy. I freaking love that movie too. It always makes me want cheese pizza and macaroni and cheese.

  6. LOL I used to hate that too, but you can go to your Instagram settings and change it so videos will only play when you hit the play button. :)