Monday, December 9, 2013

the one about store credit..

I just logged on to pay my credit card bill, and almost peed my pants. It is amazing to me how much stuff costs and how quickly an iTunes bill can add up. I spent nearly $50 on iTunes this pay period. Whaaaaa??? Sorry, Voice are now responsible for getting your Mama and Mamaw to vote on thier Sprint phones, because $50.00 is just stupid.

Also dumb- when stores offer store credit instead of refunds after I irrationally purchase clothes that cause buyers remorse. I got home from shopping last week, only to realize I had paid WAY too much for a sweater and now I have store credit where I don't need to go back to for a long time.

I am kind of surprised Visa didn't call due to suspiciously extreme spending.

Every year, I vow to do less online shopping for my new year's resolution. This year it starts today. I will not make any online purchases for the foreseeable future. I have too many clothes and shoes as it is, so I am not spending money. I am on a spending freeze.

As a matter of fact, my card is about to expire, so I will apply for a new card so I don't have the numbers memorized. That is what gets me in trouble. And accidentally making 2 car payments instead of one. But lucky me, they credited next month. Once again, that credit crap is for the birds.

This is wedding week for my best friend, Shea. Let the fun begin!!!


  1. I am the complete opposite. I CANNOT do anything but online shop because being in a store with all the glitzy sparkly things makes my heart race and I can't leave without buying everything. Online shopping? I buy whatever gets me free shipping and that's it. Plus, I don't have to get overly irrationally angry at people because they are breathing too close to me. Sick.

    1. Well I do that in the store as well...I think I have a problem..haha!

  2. Store credit? Even with a receipt?? Rude.
    I do not do well with a credit all. I paid them all off two years ago and have not crossed back over to the darkside. {I would probably be divorced if I did. For real.} I LOVE to shop too so I know how you feel. And buyer's remorse? I went to Target just this afternoon on lunch break and bought a shower curtain, got in the car and had already changed my mind. I think. I'm gonna see how it looks (in the package) in the bathroom before I decide. I'm having company this weekend and wanted something new. I'm rambling.

  3. Oh lord! I accidentally made two mortgage payments once. Talk about ouuuch!

    I don't think it would hurt me to go on a spending freeze either... after the holidays, of course!

  4. Ironic that I would read this post this morning... The school I teach in is closed AGAIN, so I innocently blog-hopping a few minutes ago when my husband marched in the room and said, "Where is all our money?!" Oopsies. Turns out, I shop too much. Who knew?

    ~Candice from Lattes and Lists

  5. ugh. I hate store credit. I need that money back on my card!!! Good luck your shopping restriction.

  6. Store credit is the worst. So totally agree on how lame it is. JUST GIMME MY FRIGGIN' MONEY BACK. GOSH!

    I can't stop online shopping either. Should we start a support group?! haha