Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the one on ashley's birthday..

Hey y'all--let me start by wishing my frand a Happy Happy Birthday even though she doesn't read my blog unless I post a link on facebook [so look for that]. I will not tell you her age, though you would not believe me even if I did. We have been friends since we met--way back when the Dixie Chicks were cool and we could still have back handspring competitions--now it's case races. So here's to my dear friend, Ashley who turns eleven years older today than I turn in a couple of weeks [hint: 29+11=?] So it's a BIG ONE!

We first met each other in 1999,
we should have know we'd be friends for the rest of time.

Dixie Chicks were on the radio and we had a contest,
who could do the most back handsprings was the challenging test.

From that moment on, we best friends-no doubt,
Jay's and my favorite game became calling her out.
Sometimes she get words confused, but she really is smart,
she full of degrees and love in her heart.  

She is good at many things, but her Lasagna is the best,
though the Poppy Seed Chicken should also be addressed.

Our favorite karaoke duet is "Need You Now,"
And surprisingly everyone's response is simply "Wow....."

General Hospital is her favorite but I don't watch it still,
but she is determined to convince me that Port Charles is real.
Our lives are never dull, and filled with variety,
and we co-chair together the Sarcastic Club Society.
She always finds the good in everyone around, 
she's the best defender and confidant--hands down.
I have coached her through events that are sometimes not easy,
and she does the same for me when things aren't so breezy.
Never doubt for a second that NeNe is so proud of you,
Never mind that's way too sappy--but just know it's true

I give her a hand when she needs me most, 
from anything simple to someting so gross...

No one could understand the friendship that we have,
but that's OK-- we do, and that's that.

There is not one person in the world like her whatsoever,
but I am blessed to call her friend now and forever

Here's to your big day, and many, many more years,
this day is yours HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CHEERS! 

 until next time...


  1. That's awesome!! Happy birthday Ashley:)

  2. Happy Birthday to her! Dang I need someone to write me a poem on my birthday!