Friday, December 6, 2013

the one with friday's four [december sixth]

1. Old Man Winter finally decided to show up in Arkansas today...I was really glad to wake up to a text from school this morning [at FIVE THIRTY]. I was glad to get an expected unexpected three day weekend. The temperature on Tuesday is supposed to go all the way down to EIGHT degrees. That's 62 degrees lower than it was the day before yesterday. Eight degrees is stupid cold. And for all of the tree-hugging Al Gore lovers out there, what was that about global warming?? I kid, I tend to hug the trees sometimes too. And those who have registered to participate in the St. Jude Marathon better bundle up..

2. Speaking of the cold weather...I think I may have experience divine intervention. You see, back in June I registered to take the LSAT. I have been studying here and there, read a lot, and feel like I have familiarized myself with enough information to be able to reason though possible scenarios to logically choose the "best answer." So guess what happened? The University of Memphis has closed today and tomorrow and that is where I am supposed to take the LSAT. I am a big believer in all things happen for a reason. I think this is God's way of telling me I need to putLaw School aside. I also think that is why I didn't sign up for the $1200 preparation course. I think this is why the guy at Barnes and Noble snickered when I bought LSAT FOR DUMMIES. I wanted to ask him after that smirk if he scored so low on his LSAT that he now works as a Barnes and Noble clerk, OR did he even have a high school diploma. So, long story short, I am not taking the LSAT.

3. The Sound of Music. I think I mentioned that I have not seen the movie in its entirety, and now I know why. If it is anything like last night's live production, I probably fell asleep. I don't know if Carrie  Underwood was just not a believable Maria, or the fact that she was a pregnant nun, or what...She just didn't do it for me, and Stephen Moyer was even worse. The little girl was the best--Gretl I think is her name. It's not that Carrie didn't sing the hell out of the Music, because she did--it's her completely lifeless acting that made it almost excruciating to watch. They both should stick to their sweet spots, True Blood and Country Music. Carrie can rock a stage like few others, and looks damn good doing so. My rating of the live production: C-

4. Due to this weather, we all were notified by the power company that we should prepare for UP TO SEVEN DAYS with no electricity. That should be fun. I am not talking my phone off the charger until the electricity goes out. This happened in Arkansas once before [in my lifetime] and I can remember having tons of people over because we had a gas fireplace, Mom cooked on a fire I think, and it was fun--but I was a child. I can't imagine it now, so I really hope it's not that long. I know I will be stocked up on things that can be kept at room temperature--triscuts, almonds, Flamin' Hot Cheetohs, and a few bottles of Cab.

Have a good weekend, y'all!

until next time...


  1. Wow, 8 degrees!! Stay safe and warm!!

  2. -30 in minnesnowta. you don't ever want to come here.

  3. ALSO. have the laptop charged!! when we lose power if my phone dies i always charge it with my laptop until that dies too. lol, oh desperation!